5 Stylish Ways to Use Window Glass in Your Home

If there’s one thing that has been a constant since time immemorial, it is the necessity and practical use of windows. An indispensable part of any architectural project, these structures allow ample natural light to invade the interiors of a space, enable proper air circulation within the four walls, and give a sense of seamless connection with the outdoors.

However, in today’s day and age, the purpose of windows extends way beyond functionality and pragmatism, way up to aesthetics! However, some are of the view that aesthetics should not be a factor of consideration in window glass choice. How true is that?

Window Aestheticism: Does it Really Matter?

The principle of aesthetics is driving modern-day architecture as beauty and design walk hand-in-hand inspiring each other as they go. As important as it is to be practical in our approach, equally important, it is to push the emotional buttons. Like the architect, Philip Johnson once stated, “Architecture is not about words. It’s about tears.” While you do not need to shed literal tears, if your home and its key elements – think fenestrations – do not stir your heart with a happy inner groaning, you’re doing it wrong!

It’s just like food – the more presentable and good it is to look at, the more it increases our hunger. Now, in its proper sense, modern architecture is only said to be successful when form and function work in tandem to enhance the life of the occupants in particular and the environment at large.

So, your home’s window glass must perform all of its original functions ‘in style.’

5 Stylish Window Styles to Give Your Home the Makeover it Needs

Here are five ways window glass can give your home the boost it needs – in terms of aesthetics, in terms of functionality.

#1 Inspiration Straight from the Churches of the Victorian Age

Yes, you guessed it right! We’re talking about those centuries-old fenestration techniques used in the manufacture of clerestory windows. Also popularly known as church windows, not many are aware that the history of clerestory window glass is much more antique – dating all the way back to the temples of ancient Egypt where the sufficient lighting of the hall of columns was achieved through piercing slits in vertical stone slabs over the roofs of the adjoining aisles.

So, by virtue of their invention, these windows are champions in providing that ‘extra’ natural light without disrupting the continuity in design of the space they’re installed in. Clerestory window glass is usually a row of windows installed way above the eye-level, either sitting right on top of a set of standard windows or otherwise. Modern architecture has borrowed these ancient marvels to create spaces that can downright seem heavenly.

However, there are more perks that go into making the final look ‘heavenly.’ Besides allowing more ambient light to flood the interiors, these windows leave the entire wall below free to let your design imaginations run as wild as a vulture’s cry. You are free to display your book collection, hang your most cherished works of art, showcase rare and valuable collectables, or simply have the wall covered in an eye-pleasing wallpaper.

Now, when it comes to the choice of space, it goes without saying that such windows are not the right fit for your bedroom, a space that is supposed to feel more cave-like. Clerestory window glass is a top-notch choice for kitchens, living rooms or lounging areas, and even bathrooms where you need to reconcile the need for privacy and natural light.

#2 Gazing into the Heavens: An Otherworldly Experience

If the sight of the ultra-clear blue sky covered in cotton candy-like puffy clouds adorned by birds in flight still gives you the jitters, welcome to the group of sky-gazers! We all love this sight as much as we do the other end of the spectrum – navy blue sky covered in shiny little but not-so-little stars. Sadly, we all have that one spot in our house that has the best sky view – be it the daytime or the night-time – but we simply can’t enjoy it because of all that concrete coming in the way.

But, what if the roof could open up for you to gaze deep into the eyes of the glorious creation that lies open for your taking already? Well, with skylight window glass, it can and it will! These windows are generally installed on the ceiling of a space, hence the name skylight windows, to act as a sort of spotlight for the room.

Well, while skylight window glass does serve the practical purpose of brightening otherwise dull spaces such as attics and in some homes, bathrooms, they are also aesthetic in nature. After all, can store-bought or even hand-crafted paintings and murals beat the creation of divine hands framed within your skylight window glass? Yes, nobody installs wall décor on the ceiling, but you get the drift. These windows add an otherworldly charm to an otherwise dim, uninspiring, and bland room.

#3 Creating Cosy, Sunny Nooks with a Gorgeous View

Sometimes, you need your windows to do double-duty to satisfy your aesthetic sensibilities. By that, we mean extra illumination, gorgeous views, and a bonus nook for self-rejuvenation. Yes, we’re talking about the classic bay windows! Available in a variety of styles such as box, oriel, circle, tudor, and more, bay windows include a set of three or more windows, either fixed or operable, for more natural light, better ventilation, seamless connection with the outdoors, and of course, a pleasant corner to spend some time in.

These windows are perfect for rooms that open up to a gorgeous view, but in any case, that would not be the bedroom again! We’ll come to that later. These windows even make for the perfect entry windows, welcoming guests in style and allowing you to keep an eye on who’s knocking at the front door. Moreover, your living room or parlour feels like it has suddenly expanded to eat up more space, when in reality, it hasn’t – that’s the space-maximising feature of bay windows at work!

Oh, and the additional space offered by these windows can have a variety of use cases – turn it into a serene reading nook or install sun-loving planters and herbs, or you can even have a cosy cushioned sofa installed for an area to lounge, eat breakfast, or enjoy a cup of tea while gazing at the beautiful view outside.

#4 Incorporating One of the Smartest Window Designs

Surprising as it may seem, even one of the smartest window glass designs to exist today may have very well adorned an old-timey storefront or even your grandma’s cottage –we’re talking about those usually modest in size, known for their roof-like cover, awning windows!

Like they say, “Never judge a book by its cover,” you can never judge a window by its size! Despite being compact in size, awning windows are exceptionally practical fenestration pieces that keep your space well-protected against various weather elements like rain, snow, dust, and hail while also making plenty of room for natural light to flood the interiors with its goodness.

Used mainly for proper ventilation, awning window glass is typically installed way high up near the ceiling and is an ideal choice for dimly-lit or stuffy rooms. On an average, these windows are installed in kitchens and bathrooms, but they can also be used in your bedroom high above the headboard for much-needed ventilation.

Yes, depending upon your choice of frame and glass, you can give them a totally unique aesthetic appeal; however, this window glass is a must for your luxury home as it is one of the most practical kinds available.

#5 Taking the Classic Route

When old is gold, how can classic casement or French windows ever go out of fashion? Having one or two operable panels, these windows hang by a hinge and generally push open outwards. Their operating mechanism is very similar to a door, and yes, these two window options are the classic route you can take for your master bedroom window glass.

Well, their design? Though considered to be aesthetically neutral, this is precisely the reason why these windows are so suitable for your private chamber and other places like above the kitchen sink and fireplace mantle.

Suppose your bedroom opens to a lush green patio brimming with life. In that case, we can guarantee you an otherworldly experience as you push open to the beauty that sits patiently waiting for your attention. Just like the nature outside, casement and French window glass have a subtle beauty to them that is not loud and demanding, but calm and naturally appealing to the senses, hence, the term ‘aesthetically neutral.’ One thing is for sure; these windows will gracefully complement the theme and style of your home’s interior design – whether vintage or modern, whether ornate or minimalistic, whether straightforward or eclectic.

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