Emerging Glass Solutions Used in Architecture

Glass no more exists to provide transparency alone. You can also use it to diffuse light by purchasing a variant that is translucent or tinted. Secondly, that glass is weak and shatters on contact is now a myth. Of course, glass is not as strong as concrete or steel, but modern innovations have provided it with a substantial amount of strength, which was not the case before. There are many emerging variants of this material that can be used in renovating or constructing properties. Our list here can act as your starter kit for understanding the multifaceted nature of this stellar material.

If you are planning to reinvent your home or office and want to add a sense of openness to that space, then glass is the right material for you! A tonne of spatial innovation is possible if you know which type of glass does what and where it can be used best.  

Switchable/Smart Glass

This elegant material just got more attractive! Smart glass uses modern-day technology to switch from opaque to transparent or vice versa. This type of glass can alternate the light transmitting through it by passing an electric current through it. While manufacturing smart glass, a film of liquid crystals in introduced to the pane which is sensitive to electrical current. With just the push of a button, this glass turns transparent.

The applications of such a product are manifold. It’s predominantly used for creating privacy and can be utilised in making partitions and/or windows at offices, hospitals and houses. It also works as electronic curtains providing privacy when needed.

High Performance Glass

This awe-inspiring variant is what gives modern-day glass skyscrapers their visual appeal. But that is not all; this variant is exceptional at sun control and reflects away a considerable amount of heat. Highly-reflective glass has a unique metallic coating on it which cuts off solar heat. This coating also provides a slight mirror-like effect on the glass’ surface. Ever wondered why the sky reflects so clearly on these gorgeous glass offices? It is because of this coating on the surface of ordinary glass, making it highly reflective.

Since this variant does not absorb much heat, it makes any structure very energy-efficient. This glass has maximum applications in office complexes. Employees working inside these structures get a beautiful view of their external surroundings along with ample daylight, but the people outside are unable to look inside.

Back Painted Glass

Imagine a coloured wall made of glass. Back-painted glass is available in countless colours. This type of glass has a silky and fluidic appeal to it. Back painted glass manufactured by coating one side with high-quality paints followed by an oven-curing process to lock in its unique features. Apart from the ornamental benefits, this coating also provides a great deal of strength to the glass, making it very durable and long-lasting. This type of glass requires zero-maintenance and is excellent for dealing with wet and humid surroundings. Back Painted glass has fantastic applications in turning your bathroom and kitchen into nothing less than a work of art. Use it to build bathroom walls, shower stalls, kitchen drawers or cabinets and rest assured that this variant won’t let you down.

Frosted or Acid-Etched Glass

This is a beneficial variant that allows for pristine light diffusion, thus, amplifying the elegance of any room it’s used in. Frosted glass is manufactured by taking a transparent sheet of glass and purposely blasting it with sand or by using acid for etching on it. The surface of this variant is not clear but rather translucent which allows for light to smoothly diffuse around it. The light scatters on this surface which obscures visibility.

This type of glass is mostly used in skylights, bedroom doors, office cabins and bathrooms. Talking further about skylights; solar rays can usher in aggressively during the morning time. The frosted glass used in skylight windows turns the harsh solar rays into gentle diffused ones.

Toughened Glass

This is a type of safety glass manufactured via a process in which standard glass is toughened through chemical or thermal tempering. It is desired mainly because of its durability, impact-resistance and safety. Even on rare occasions when toughened glass succumbs to an external impact, it does not shatter into sharp shards unlike standard glass but into small, blunt, pebble-like pieces incapable of causing injuries. This variant can be used on the ceiling-to-floor French windows or tall balcony doors. It also has wide applications in exhibition areas and window displays.

Contemporary glass skyscrapers have overwhelmed onlookers. Various high-profile residential dwellings, for instance, the renowned Ambani home called ‘Antilia’, have learned to harness this material at its very best. Invest in this great material by visiting AIS Glass today! We are leading India’s glass innovation by manufacturing glass solutions that cater to all aesthetic and functional needs. Step into the world of AIS Glass and step out with innovative solutions for all your glass-related needs! Get in touch today.

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