Lacquered Glass for Kitchen of Your Dreams

“One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.” And the one space where all the magic takes place in any home is the beloved kitchen. But, to whip up your signature dishes with ease, the design of your kitchen should be clever. Meaning, the architectural language of your home and the function of your kitchen must dictate its design. After all, it’s not just about cooking up a favourite cuisine!

The Heart of Every Home

Home is where the heart is, especially homes where kitchens are celebrated. The kitchen is considered to be the most important room in every home by designers and homeowners alike and rightfully so. After all, it is the one space where most people begin their day and likely even end it. It is not just a space to prepare delectable victuals but also a corner for family and friends to socialise and create sumptuous memories and lasting bonds. Homes where a lot of time is spent in the kitchen are symbolic of a family well-fed and nourished. After all, what could beat a home-cooked meal prepared with love and warmth?

The magic that takes place inside the heart of every home not only fuels our minds and bodies but also our souls. Life may be created in the bedroom but it is certainly lived in the kitchen. Plus, we all need a place where we can whisk our worries away!

Transform Your Culinary Zones into Happy Hangouts with Lacquered Glass

Where kitchens in the olden days were limited to serving the utilitarian purpose of preparing health-giving meals, contemporary kitchens are all that and a step further. Modern-day modular kitchens not only focus on delivering refreshing nutriments but are an extension of life itself, creating an environment that allows to cook in tranquillity but also draws family and guests to the happy corner.  An inspiring space can most certainly mean the difference between a normal day and a fantastic one.

Lacquered glass can help you in transforming your culinary space into a happy hangout. It is a modern-day glass innovation in which one of the glass surfaces is lacquered using high-quality paints followed by the process of oven-curing to lock in its unique features. Also known as backpainted glass, lacquered glass is not only vibrant and colourful but also high on functionality – It is durable, low-maintenance, long-lasting, can be processed in a wide number of ways, is heat, humidity, and UV-resistant, and is available in eco-friendly variants.  

Feast for Your Senses

The diverse world of lacquered glass has something for every homeowner. By introducing this innovative glass into your kitchen space, you can experience a feast for all your senses, not just your sense of smell.

The Eclectic Kitchen

Lover of diversity? Then, don’t let this love be restricted to the produce sitting in your refrigerator or the appetizing comestibles groaning on the countertops. Let your entire kitchen reflect your love for eclecticism! To support your eclectic tastes, lacquered glass solutions are available in motley of eye-pleasing colours. Moreover, lacquered glass can even be drilled, polished, edged, or bevelled as per your desire. Install lacquered glass wall panels in a combination of different colours or alternate between colours by choosing monotones for kitchen wall panelling, shutters, island, and other cabinets. AIS Glass offers 34 striking shades of AIS Décor, each hue carefully chosen to meet your aesthetic needs. Moreover, the shiny, glossy, and fluid visual feel glass exudes will give your eclectic culinary zone the ideal touch of modernism! You can even have a magnetic lacquered glass marker board installed where your kids can explore their Picasso-like potential and you can jot down your mom’s traditional recipes and other to-do things for the day.

The Dark and Sleek Cookhouse

Wish to design your U-shaped culinary space in a manner that its form is in tandem with its sophisticated functionality? Then, you need not look further than lacquered glass solutions! Well, regardless of the shape of your kitchen, you can achieve the progressive look by keeping it quiet – ensuring that the cabinetry blends seamlessly so as to blurring the lines that separate your kitchen from the adjacent dining area or the living room, as suggested by architect Celeste Robbins. The resulting design will be that of “edited serenity.” Moreover, choose lacquered glass in dark and warm tones and get it installed in kitchen cabinets, backsplash, shutters, and cupboards to render sophistication that is ‘just right’. AIS Glass offers AIS Décor in chic tones of Venetian Red, Earthy Brown, and Nile Blue which, when installed will create a streamlined and sophisticated culinary zone.

The Bright and Airy Kitchenette

You have concentrated all efforts in creating a beautiful and efficient parallel-shaped kitchenette that is bright and airy – from making the most of natural lighting and introducing rolling kitchen carts, tiered shelves, and hidden prep stations. But, the ‘just right’ size of your kitchen deserves the ‘just right’ décor solution that can further help you achieve that bright and airy look. Well, lacquered glass can efficiently help you in this pursuit! One thing to keep in mind though is that bright does not naturally translate into using loud colours (though it’s your personal choice). The key behind creating a bright and airy space with lacquered glass lies in choosing warm, neutral or pastel tones and greys in combination with the timeless colour of white. Install lacquered glass in like manner in kitchen cabinets, backsplash, counter-tops, and wall panelling. Moreover, since lacquered glass is low-maintenance, you can allow your kids’ hands to roam free to mess while they help you bake!

For Emanating that Minimalistic Vibe

The kitchen is a highly functional space and hence, the most likely to end up cluttered. Well, though mess is good, especially when it results in delicious meals after; your kitchen can benefit a lot from simplistic design. After all, less is more right? And though designing an uncluttered kitchen space has a lot to do with getting rid of the extras, switching out your faucets, and ensuring that every item has a spot and every spot has the item meant for it; it also means rethinking your colour scheme. Well, the silky, glossy finish of lacquered glass will help you create a kitchen that is minimalistic but not frumpy. And for such a decorating theme, it is critical to choose a solid colour palette, preferably in neutral tones (with a lot of whites and greys involved ofcourse!). But, you need not confine yourself to the stereotypes. Feel free to add in a surprising pop of colour here and there if you wish but don’t overdo it. For instance – you can have white or neutral lacquered glass panels installed in kitchen cabinets while going a little loud with the backsplash or the counter-top (yellow, orange, blue, or red).

Cooking is love made visible. So, shouldn’t the place where all the magic happens reflect that love and warmth? Come to AIS Glass and choose from among 34 striking shades of AIS Décor to transform your culinary space! Our lacquered glass is highly durable, has a high-quality finish that doesn’t fade, is low-maintenance, UV, moisture, and heat-resistant, and is 100% eco-friendly. Contact us today to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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