Privacy Smart Glass is a Smart Choice for Office Space

Architecture is no longer limited to brick and mortar walls, steel fences, and wooden doors. In the past decades, architects and interior designers have started experimenting with innovative materials to enliven a building – one of them being glass.

Glass’ natural brilliance and property of letting light pass unobstructed make it a preferred choice for commercial buildings. It gives a modern touch to your office and facilitates maximum interaction between employees. However, one significant problem with regular glass is its inability to provide even an iota of privacy without bulky curtains or blinds. To solve this issue, glassmakers have developed a special type of privacy glass called smart glass.

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is an electrically enhanced version of regular glass that can change its opacity by adjusting the position of specific ions within itself. At the click of a button, this type of glass can become completely opaque or completely transparent, even translucent.

How does Smart Glass Work?

In the smart glass, a unique polymerized film is sandwiched between two layers of glass. This film contains randomly located liquid crystals that align themselves in a straight line as the voltage is applied to the film. As the crystals align, they allow light to pass through. As the voltage is withdrawn, the crystals return to their random positions and start obstructing light.

Due to this adjustable opacity of smart glass, it is perfect for all kinds of offices. Read on to find out where you can use this privacy glass in your office to add oomph to your space.

Uses of Smart Glass in Commercial Spaces

Here are some interesting ways you can use smart glass in your office space for enhanced aesthetics and maximum functionality.

Meeting Rooms

Conference or meeting rooms are office spaces where some of the most significant discussions are held. The decisions taken in meeting rooms impact your business profoundly. However, not all of these discussions are public to all your employees. Some information might be for a select few, and if your meeting rooms have regular glass windows and doors, maintaining privacy during meetings can be challenging. With smart privacy glass windows, you don’t have to choose between an open and aesthetically-pleasing meeting room and a private one. At the click of a button, you can get both.


Glass staircases are one of the most innovative décor choices for commercial buildings. They add instant charm and sleekness to your office without appearing over-the-top. However, privacy can be a considerable problem with glass staircases. If any female members of your office wear skirts or dresses to work, they might have trouble walking up and down the stairs without feeling uncomfortable. Smart privacy glass staircases are not only more durable but can also be adjusted for opacity to allow employees to walk around the office comfortably.

Partition Walls

Most offices have either cubicles or separate rooms for each employee. While an open environment facilitates maximum conversation and honesty, too much noise and lack of privacy can disrupt productivity. Choosing privacy glass such as smart glass for wall partitions or cubicle walls can be a wise choice if you want to strike the perfect balance between an open working environment and maximum employee privacy.


Building facades look exceptionally sleek, attractive, and inviting. This is why an increasing number of commercial buildings now incorporate glass façades instead of solid brick walls. Despite their attractiveness, however, glass façade walls are almost always expensive, and not just in their purchase or installation. Since regular glass allows the unobstructed flow of light and heat, it makes a building and its occupants highly vulnerable to the eyes of the outside world. With smart privacy glass facades, all of these problems are eliminated. Since the opacity of smart glass façades can be adjusted, you can control the amount of light entering your office, and therefore not only maintain privacy but also allow ample natural light and reduce energy bills. Privacy glass facades ensure aesthetic brilliance and practicality together.

You shouldn’t compromise with the quality of your smart glass either. Choosing the right company for installing privacy glass in your office is crucial if you want assurance of quality and efficiency.

AIS Glass is India’s leading integrated glass solutions provider. We customise glass windows, doors, partitions, and facades for our clients and offer a wide range of insulating, acoustic, and privacy solutions. Our smart glass, called AIS Swytchglas, utilises cutting-edge technology and activates in 10 microseconds to provide you absolute privacy or a transparent interior. AIS Swytchglas works using a remote-controlled device and blocks up to 50% light in its opaque or “off” mode. It also blocks out the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Our technicians ensure seamless customisation, delivery, and installation of your chosen smart privacy glass. Contact us today to revamp or design your office with smart glass fixtures!