Maintaining Frosted Glass Windows to Keep Them Looking Pristine

With the translucent, opaque appearance of frosted glass windows can make a stylish design statement in modern homes. However, frosted glass requires its own specialised care and cleaning routine to maintain its pristine look year after year.  

Compared to transparent glass panes, the textured surface of frosted glass allows less light to pass while obscuring visibility. Tiny details get diffused rather than visible. This makes frosted glass popular for bathrooms, front doors and room dividers where privacy is desired. However, the surface etching process also means the glass has microscopic crevices where grease, dirt and grime easily accumulate. 

Here are expert tips on taking good care of frosted glass windows. 

Daily Care 

  • Wipe down – Use a dry microfiber cloth, chamois, or soft brush to dust the interior frosted glass gently daily. This removes surface dust and debris to prevent buildup. 
  • Spot clean – Dip a soft cloth in warm water mixed with a couple of drops of liquid soap. Gently rub to loosen and lift spots, then wipe dry with a towel. Avoid abrasive scrubbing. 
  • Check window tracks and frames – Vacuum dust and dirt out regularly to allow smooth functioning and prevent etching of the glass panes when opening/closing. 

Thorough Deep Cleaning 

Plan to thoroughly clean frosted glass windows at least 2-4 times a year as seasons change. Spring and fall are best for tackling a thorough maintenance session. 

  • Vacuum out dust. Use a handheld vacuum fitted with a soft brush nozzle held at an angle. Gently vacuum glass and frames inside and out to completely de-dust the surface, crevices and tracks. 
  • Fill a bucket with lukewarm water. Mix in a mild pH-neutral glass cleaner or dish soap without solid fragrances.  
  • Dip a soft microfiber cloth, sponge or chamois leather in the solution. Wring firmly so it’s damp but not dripping wet. 
  • Wipe the interior frosted glass gently using light, overlapping circular strokes. The textured glass will likely have a preferred grain direction – wipe in line with that.  
  • Rinse often as the cloth gets dirty. Wipe slowly and methodically from top to bottom. Avoid any harsh back-and-forth scrubbing. 
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down frames too. Use soapy water or a specialist trim cleaner for uPVC or metal frames.  
  • This cleans dust and deposits off the surface. For deeper cleaning, continue washing with spray solutions as recommended below.  

Pro Tips 

  • Use distilled white vinegar mixed with water to dissolve sticky grime and hard water residue. Spray on and let set for 5 minutes before gently wiping off. 
  • For glass shower doors/panels, apply rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide cleaner gel using a soft cloth post-bathing. It helps prevent soap scum and mildew buildup between washes. 
  • If installing new frosted film or decal patterns, carefully clean the glass using degreasing dish soap and a razor blade to scrape corners gently. This allows decor to adhere properly. 

Chemicals to Avoid 

  • Ammonia cleaners streak and leave visible residue, making the surface look dull. Opt for PH-neutral options. 
  • Abrasive scrub pads, scouring paper towels or bristle brushes as they can scratch up frosted glass and ruin its uniform matte appearance.  

By thoroughly yet gently cleaning frosted glass windows every few months, you can beautifully maintain their elegantly frosted opaque appearance. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbing – a soft damp cloth combined with a mild cleaner and your methodical attention is all that’s required. 


To maintain their coveted translucent appearance, proper care and cleaning are essential for frosted glass windows. Using soft microfiber cloths, correct wiping techniques and PH-neutral cleaners, frosted glass can always look pristine. Avoid abrasives and harsh chemicals. Deep clean seasonally and dust/spot wipe as needed between washes. Implement this routine care for beautifully clear frosted windows that refract light elegantly in your rooms for years. Moreover, choose AIS Glass for the job if you want to replace your frosted glass. 


5 Spaces Ideal for the Use of Frosted Glass in your Home

Have you ever come across an attractive glass surface whose surface is not entirely transparent but somewhat translucent? frosted glass has a different appearance than clear glass. It can be used in a variety of applications to improve the aesthetic appeal of a room. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Frosted Glass?

frosted glass is created by taking a sheet of glass and sandblasting or chemical etching it to make it transparent or opaque. frosted glass panes mask visibility and provide plenty of privacy without sacrificing natural light. It is an excellent alternative to curtains or blinds and takes no upkeep. The glass appears transparent due to light scattering during transmission, obscuring vision even as it transmits light. frosted glass can also be made by applying a vinyl film that serves as a stencil to the surface of the glass or by using canned frosted glass sprays.

There are 2 types of frosted glass-

  • Sandblasted frosted glass
  • Acid Etched frosted glass

Using frosted glass in bathrooms

Bathrooms provide you with moments of solitude. We often think of it as a haven where one can think and reflect, often for hours on end. Adding frosted glass windows and shower stalls to your bathrooms is a perfect way to let in a lot of natural light and obscure the outside view.

Furthermore, since bathrooms deal with moisture, you need material like frosted glass that is non-corrosive and resistant to mildew. frosted glass panes are perfect in such situations because they comfortably withstand moisture. 

Using frosted glass in bedrooms

One may use customised frosted glass designs to spruce up old closets. Bedroom wardrobes are an essential part of home décor. Stylish cabinets can brighten up a room, while sloppy-styled closets can make the room appear unkempt.

To cover up your closet doors with frosted glass, choose a design that complements the rest of your bedroom. You might also go for partially frosted glass doors. This design feedback can enhance the sense of space in your bedroom, mainly if it is small in size.

Using frosted glass for skylight windows

The majority of windows let in natural light from the front, but skylights let in light through the roof. This invention floods homes with natural light during the day. Furthermore, your home is not subjected to sun glare, which is not always the case for conventional windows. Install a skylight with frosted glass in your roof for a long-lasting diffused light effect.

Using frosted glass for partitions in your living room

Install frosted glass partitions to open up your living room. These components are usually made of wood, but frosted glass panels have recently gained popularity. Frosted glass partitions have both privacy and an open feeling. frosted glass panels are an excellent addition to a small living space.

Using frosted glass for doors or windows of the study

Suppose you intend on constructing a small study or home office. In that case, frosted glass windows and doors will provide much-needed privacy as well as plenty of natural light. Furthermore, since frosted glass is easy to clean, it is an excellent option for corner doors and windows that may be susceptible to dust accumulation.

Final Thoughts

Frosted glass is the trendiest home decor option with a lot of utility. It offers a way for natural sunlight to enter the rooms while obscuring the view from outside, providing much-desired privacy. It is corrosion resistant and is a perfect partner for your washroom, which deals with a lot of moisture.

You can use it to spruce up the bedroom closets. Frosted glass can be used in small living rooms as partitions to open them up. Since it is effortless to clean, they make ideal choices for corner doors like in a study susceptible to dust collection. They can also prove beneficial for skylights to provide a diffused light effect and prevent glare in the room.

Making glass panes perfectly opaque or transparent is a work of art. So, you must choose a highly competent glass manufacturer for all of your home or office glass requirements. AIS Windows is the place to go for high-quality frosted glass panes with a variety of design choices. Our team of experts will help you with every step, from product selection to installation and even after-sales assistance.


Facts about Frosted Glass

Over the past few decades, architects and interior designers have started adopting a more minimalist yet aesthetically pleasing style of design. To maintain the efficiency and sleekness of a building, they have started using glass in place of bulky construction materials like bricks and wooden slabs. Glass has replaced everything, from walls to cabinets, and is now the top choice for contemporary homes and offices.

Some problems that arise with glass fenestration or furnishings have been solved by glassmakers who have designed frosted glass, a particular type of glass that allows light to pass through in a diffused manner without compromising on privacy.

Frosted glass is principally manufactured using sandblasting or acid etching techniques. Both these techniques produce glass that offers maximum privacy and diffuses light. Its light diffusion properties have also been utilised in electric bulbs.

Because frosted glass offers increased privacy and enhanced aesthetics, it can be utilised in several ways. Some of the commonest spaces where frosted glass fixtures are the most useful include swimming pool doors, shower cubicles, doors, windows, skylights, ceiling windows, roof lights, stairs, cabinets, shelves, etc.

If you are looking to update your home and office with gorgeous glass fixtures, you should choose frosted glass over regular glass. Read on to know a bit more about frosted glass and its properties.

Things You Should Know about Frosted Glass

Here are some facts about frosted glass that everyone should know.

Frosted Glass is Easy to Clean

Your glass windows, doors, partitions, cubicles, or walkways are good only as long as they continue to shine brilliantly. If you do not clean the glass fixtures in your home or office regularly, they might end up losing their natural shine and make your space look shabby. With frosted glass, cleaning becomes easier than ever. Frosted glass does not get scratched easily, and neither does it make dust or water marks very prominent. All you need is a wet microfiber cloth to wipe it regularly, and it will stay shining for a long time. Frosted glass also does not corrode and thus requires very few deep clean sessions.

Frosted Glass Filters and Regulates Light

If you live in a region that experiences hot and bright sunny days regularly, you probably keep your windows closed and covered with curtains or blinds. By doing this, you do not allow enough sunlight to enter your house and instead spend thousands on lighting your space. Moreover, even after using blinds and curtains, the sun can make your regular glass windows hot and disturb your house’s interior temperature. Frosted glass diffuses sunlight and filters UV rays to prevent them from entering your home. These features of frosted glass make it ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, especially for buildings designed to consume less energy and remain lighted properly.

Frosted Glass is Versatile

Advancements in glassmaking technology have made frosted glass incredibly versatile. Frosted glass windows instantly amp up the look of your building. It can be used in several settings and different shapes and sizes. Since it is not entirely transparent, it adds a unique touch of style to your space. Sometimes, you can request your glass to be frosted in a particular pattern if you wish to follow a specific décor style.

Frosted Glass Offers Increased Privacy

The biggest problem with regular glass windows, doors, and partitions is that they offer little to no privacy. Blinds or curtains are almost always required to block views. With frosted glass fixtures, privacy is never a concern. This type of glass completely or partially blurs pictures and is, therefore, perfect for spaces where increased privacy is required.

Frosted Glass Does Not Break Easily

Standard glass’ Achilles heel lies in the fact that it can break very easily. Whether it is a violent hailstorm, an accident, or simply a sweltering day, your glass fixtures are at risk of breaking. Broken glass is extremely dangerous, especially in a house with children. Frosted glass is usually tougher and more durable than regular glass. Frosted glass windows and doors, thus, keep you and your loved ones safe by minimising the chances of breakage.

If you are looking for frosted glass windows, doors, partitions, walkways, or skylights for your home or office, contact AIS Glass. We specialise in manufacturing both consumer and industrial glass. Our frosted glass AIS Krystal is prepared under strict quality assessment measures and is ideal for both privacy and aesthetic appeal. We also customise all our glass solutions to suit the need of our customers. We also provide warranties, easy servicing, and an exceptional customer response team.

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Reasons Why It Is Advised to Have Frosted Glass Door for Your Entrance

You know what goes hand in hand – modern interior designs and glass. Nothing compares to the glimmer and glow architectural glass brings to structural design—the essence of glass blends form and function to facilitate communication with a living space. And now, with the advancement of glass technology, it has been made stronger and compatible with numerous applications.

The Incomparable Characteristics of Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a type of processed glass that is manufactured by either sandblasting or acid etching a clear sheet of glass. Due to this, the surface of frosted glass appears pitted on one side of the glass pane. Any light passing through the surface gets scattered away, rendering the glass translucent. This makes frosted glass an excellent choice for privacy solutions.

Frosted glass is ideal for both residential and commercial applications, especially if your concerns involve lighting and aesthetics. The translucent surface of frosted glass partially transmits natural light. In this way, it promotes better lighting conditions in the interiors while protecting against harmful solar glare. Your living space also becomes brighter and airier with frosted glass applications.

Frosted Glass Doors – for a Touch of Drama

There’s a fine line between a dramatic design and a pompous one. When toeing this line, interior designers pay special attention to details and elements that can add a flair of drama without coming off as pretentious. And frosted glass bodes supremely well with this idea.

Besides, entrances have a significant role to fulfil – they offer spectators a first impression of the structure’s interiors and draw attention to it. This is why frosted glass doors are a suitable fit for entrances as they can be customised with different design variants to achieve a unique look. Moreover, they allow natural light to flood in and keep a comfortable indoor temperature for the occupants.  

Highly Customisable Option

As a decorative element, frosted glass can be combined with other structural elements like wood, colour, or metal, depending on the décor style you desire. Frosted glass doors can be installed with a single or double panel, while sometimes with a sliding frame. Intrinsic designs can also be carved or etched on the surface of frosted glass for an understated yet elegant finish. If you want a minimalistic modern design or an old-world charm to your entrances, frost glass doors are a flexible option.

Enhances Energy-Efficiency

You can meet two needs with a single deed – enhance the lighting condition and reduce energy consumption. Frosted glass doors are greener alternatives that allow natural daylight to pass through. They create a natural vibe for those using the entrance with a cosy indoor atmosphere to welcome them. As a result, reliance on artificial lighting is reduced significantly which helps reduce energy consumption as well.

For the Modern Sensibility: Sleek and Stylish

Nothing repulses the modern sensibility quite like a shabby entrance. Frosted glass doors ensure that your entrances never lack the style quotient. Their minimalistic yet elegant charm provides an attraction no spectator can deny. Because frosted glass doors are highly customisable, they also cater to a wide variety of interior design needs. Combine this ability with their superior functionality and you have a powerful design element to play with. To create exquisite entrances for your structural space, go for frosted glass doors.

For the ‘Open’ Feel

Frosted glass doors might be a semi-open option, but they do help in optimising the available space. Not just for building entrances, but frosted glass doors can be used for several indoor entrances such as entrance for balcony, patio, bedroom, or even kitchen. The benefits of enhanced ventilation and lighting conditions that come with frosted glass can impart a sense of openness to your dwellings. As light and airflow naturally, your living space will also become breezier and cheerful.

Frosted Glass Doors are Easy to Maintain

In addition to the aforementioned qualities, frosted glass doors are also easy to maintain. Neither do they rust, nor do they corrode. Moreover, their surfaces are scratch-proof and stain-resistant. Because of this, frosted glass doors are easier to clean. You do not have to follow any time-consuming or expensive procedure for their upkeep. With frosted glass doors, your entrance will never look unkempt.

In Summation

One must not overlook the importance of entrances. No matter the size of your structure, an entrance helps to define its relationship with the exteriors. Moreover, entrances are the essence of your structure’s character, a preview of the space that is on the inside. Therefore, a good entrance must be designed to excel on such grounds and attract positive attention.

With frosted glass doors, you get brighter indoors and enhanced privacy without compromising on style. These glass doors can add a touch of drama to your space as well. And as aforementioned reasons express, to achieve modern elegance with optimum functionality, frosted glass doors work exceptionally well.

Looking for premium-quality frosted glass for your home entrance? At AIS Glass, we offer 360-degree glass solutions to meet all your interior décor needs. Our AIS Krystal is India’s only branded frosted glass which obscures the view while allowing heaps of natural light and facilitating proper air circulation.

If you are confused about which glass is most suitable for your structural requirements, you can also receive consultation from our glass experts.

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Frosted Glass Partition to Enhance Your Office Interiors

When one thinks of office interiors, more often than not, it comes down to two things – mundane and uninspiring. The office walls are painted in a dull colour to match the equally simple and drab furniture. There is no iota of imagination in the way interiors are designed. So what this does is, every single day, it promotes monotony. If truth be told, monotony will do your business more harm than good.

However, the good news is that remarkable changes in interior design have transformed the way office interiors look now. The walls are painted brighter and the furniture is interesting. You will witness more creative enterprises happening in offices today than ever. And a significant element that has driven this change is glass partitions.

Glass partitions, especially frosted glass partitions, have been engineered to impart high functionality and aesthetic appeal to your interiors. Not only are they the perfect replacement for drywall partitions, but they also offer several benefits. In this article, we will explore the numerous ways in which a frosted glass partition can enhance your office interiors.

For Brighter Interiors

Frosted glass has a translucent finish so the natural light is passed through partially. If you have frosted glass partitions in your office, you will be able to improve the lighting condition significantly while there will be a reduction in the use of artificial lights. Having a brighter atmosphere will also lead to improved activity and enhance productivity.  

Since you will be able to receive optimal sunlight inside your office space, the reliance on heating or cooling appliances will reduce in the winter and summer months. With this, you will be able to reduce energy consumption as well. Moreover, having frosted glass partitions will also protect against harmful UV rays and solar glare.

The Perfect Privacy Solution

Since the frosted glass is translucent, it is a good choice for privacy solutions. The frosted glass partition is obtrusive and does not offer clear visibility. This makes it an excellent structural material for those looking to create an open-plan office space. While in doing so, you won’t even be compromising on privacy.

Moreover, installing glass partitions in your office interior space will help you balance the privacy of the workers with considerable space for private matters.

A Mobile Solution

A frosted glass partition is more of mobile than a permanent solution for your office interiors. You can use this flexible quality to change the layout of your office whenever you wish to. These glass partitions can be used easily to reconfigure the space any time you like. Because they are easy to install and demount, you can use them according to your convenience.

Frosted glass partitions are easily movable, unlike traditional dry-wall partitions. So, when you wish to add a section or change a partition, it will be a lot easier in comparison.

Requires Negligible Maintenance

The daily humdrum and movement inside an office require regular cleaning. However, with frosted glass partitions, you get easy maintenance benefits. Not only are they resistant to dust, but they also cannot be stained. This vastly improves its durability.

These glass partitions do not require any specific cleaning solution. A simple wipe is all it takes to make the glass shine. With proper care and maintenance, these partitions will last you a long time.

Foster Productivity with Enhanced Connectivity

As mentioned earlier, frosted glass partitions are ideal for creating a sense of openness without compromising on privacy. These glass partitions can help you foster connectivity among your workers which implies that the work culture will become rather collective.

And what’s more, with improved connectivity, there will be an influx of ideas and problem-solving. With brighter office space, the working environment will become exciting. This will definitively have a positive impact on productivity.

For A-Plus in Aesthetics

It is not just the high functionality that makes frosted glass partitions a viable option. These glass partitions are also the perfect choice for the whole modern, sleek, and elegant office interior finish. You can alter your office space with these glass partitions to get a refined outlook.

Frosted glass can be carved or etched, which makes customisation a huge possibility. Customise the glass in any way you like to match the desired office interiors. After all, your office isn’t just any commercial space; it is an extension of your ideals and the prevailing work culture. As a business, you do not want to lose out on the opportunity to stand out.

Are you looking for frosted glass solutions to improve your office interiors? AIS Glass can help!

As the leading integrated glass manufacturer of the country, AIS Glass offers a variety of premium glass solutions.  Our team of experts does a detailed analysis before providing you with the best design ideas for your office space. At AIS Glass, we offer solutions for partitions, windows, and doors in a range of diversity. Our glass interiors are manufactured with top-quality materials that give you optimum functionality and enhanced aesthetic style.

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