Enhance the curb appeal of your residence with frosted glass

Glass finds plenty of applications in windows, doors, and partitions in both homes and offices. Modern architects depend a great deal on different kinds of glass to create a space that is practical, secure and comfortable. Frosted glass is used to provide homeowners with all these functions without compromising on style. It has a translucent milky surface, which doesn’t allow you to see through it but still transmits light. Installing frosted glass in your home ensures privacy and adds a decorative look. Frosted glass is widely used for windows, doors, shower cubicles, partitions, shelves, cabinets, and table tops, and for decorative purposes.

How Is Frosted Glass Made?

Frosted glass is a type of processed glass that is usually manufactured using two techniques- acid etching or sandblasting.

Acid etching uses hydrofluoric acid to achieve a frosted appearance. The acid reacts with the glass and corrodes its surface, making it translucent. The etching process is permanent and makes the glass’ surface extremely smooth. The glass is then washed and is ready to be sold.

Sandblasting is a safer technique for producing frosted glass. It involves blasting sand or husk on the surface of the glass using a high-velocity machine. The degree of translucency can be altered by changing the type of sand and the velocity of the machine. However, the glass is rendered rough and requires higher maintenance.

Why Choose Frosted Glass for Your Home?

Need privacy in your space? Frosted glass is a classic way to ensure privacy in your home in style. In fact, one of the main reasons frosted glass is used is for reasons of privacy. It is usually installed in spaces where privacy is important, for example, bathrooms, partitions, road-facing windows and doors, etc. Due to its translucent surface, it blurs out or distorts visuals on the other side of the glass, not allowing full visibility.

But with all this, it does not restrict natural light from entering your space. Using frosted glass in your space will not only give you the privacy you desire, but will also give you much-needed Vitamin D from the sun sans the harmful UV rays.  Hence, not only does it capture maximum natural light, but it also filters out harmful UV rays.

Though privacy is one of the major reasons to have frosted glass installed in your home, it is not the only one. There are several other important benefits it brings to the table – reduces energy consumption, enhances the security of your home, is harsh weather-resistant, is low-maintenance, and offers high visual appeal.

Where Can You Use Frosted Glass?

The applications of frosted glass for your home are limitless. With its aesthetic appeal and utility, it can be used in multiple locations, serving different purposes.


Your bedroom is your safe space; it’s where you get the opportunity to spend time with yourself. To ensure that you can be your true self, it is important to have privacy in your bedroom. Frosted glass enhances your privacy and improves the atmosphere of your room by bringing in natural light. It can also create a dim-light effect if you choose a glass with high level of translucency.


Along with your bedroom, frosted glass for bathroom entrances (sliding bathroom doors or shower screens) will provide enough natural light while obstructing the view from the outside. Moreover, an added benefit is that due to its non-corrosive nature, frosted glass will remain mould-free despite the high moisture levels of the bathroom.

Kitchen Gardens

Another very popular space for the installation of frosted glass is the kitchen garden. Herbs which are commonly grown in kitchen gardens thrive best when they receive a balanced amount of sunlight. Creating a kitchen garden with frosted glass walls is an effective way to keep excessive light at bay and ensures the health and well-being of your plants.

Frosted Windows

Windows are an essential part of every home. They help our homes look brighter by capturing natural light. But windows also create more room for violation of your privacy and security. Installing frosted glass in your bedroom and bathroom windows guarantees you privacy and brings in natural light. For your kitchen, because of the heat and the smell, it is important to install windows. Frosted windows can withstand high temperature and pressure and hence will not succumb to the heat normally produced in a kitchen. From an aesthetic point of view, frosted windows in your dining areas and sitting rooms enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Frosted Partitions

A glass partition is one of the best methods to separate different sections of your home and instil a sense of privacy and style. In your bathrooms, a frosted glass partition gives you the option to split the shower and the bathroom sections. It can also be used as a complete partition between the bathroom and the dressing area. You can choose to install partial or full frosted glass depending on your privacy needs. A partially frosted partition can be installed in between the dining area and sitting area, to create a flow in your entertainment space.

Frosted Doors

Frosted glass doors can provide you with much-needed privacy in spaces such as bathrooms, reading rooms, home office space, home library, etc. Rooms that are either window-less or receive minimal natural light can be installed with French frosted glass doors to create a balance between privacy and light. If you need to create separate spaces with a modern touch, using frosted glass sliding doors is the way to go. And if you’re tired of Venetian blinds or curtains on the doors to your backyard, the best way to create intimacy with the outdoors is to install frosted sliding doors.

With all its benefits and applications, frosted glass has taken an important place in modern home design. It has wide applications; not only is it the go-to option for home entrances, but is also used in windows, partition walls, glass cabinets to create a stylish and private look that is also eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Even though it blurs the visuals, frosted glass still allows sufficient natural light to enter your living space so that you can avoid using artificial light. Its thermal insulation qualities help control the temperature of your home for your comfort. With its multiple applications, scratch resistance, non-corrosive nature, it is durable and easy to maintain. Frosted glass helps make your home more efficient and welcoming, making this an investment you shouldn’t miss.

At AIS we offer you AIS Krystal Frosted glass which can serve both protective and decorative purposes for your homes. It is available in distinctive designs for you to choose from. You can get the glass customised according to your needs. It can be installed in your doors, shower screens, partitions, interior screens, furniture, cabinets, shelves, false ceilings, designer panels with images, bannisters, stairs, lighting, and windows. Moreover, AIS Krystal Frosted Glass is available in a variety of striking colours that will enhance the look of your space. With this glass, you can get rid of gloomy curtains and blinds without any second thoughts. It is an excellent choice if enhanced security and privacy are your prime concerns.

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