Add A Touch of Luxury with Specialised Glass Solutions

Modern architecture and design demand clean aesthetics. The good news is, Glass is one of those materials that have the unique ability to deliver this. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home or office décor, one way you can never go wrong is with Glass.

Turn your home into a luxurious space and give it a distinct ambience with specialised glass solutions.

Luxury and Glass Go Hand-in-Hand

For both exterior and interior architectural needs, glass solutions can be specialised. These days, you see the results of innovative designers and architects everywhere – be it restaurants, offices, malls, even bus stands! We are past the times of limiting Glass to home office decor.Interior design for contemporary and modern homes is constantly evolving, with newer styles emerging, concentrating around Glass.

In fact, so many design pieces traditionally made of wood and stone are now being replaced by Glass, thanks to innovative and robust manufacturing process.

Glass as a versatile material is coming to the forefront of architects and design specialists alike. No more is Glass only for windows, screen doors and tables. The time has come for innovation in function and aesthetic appeal – frosted, laminated, tempered and much more!

How To Use Glass in Homes and Offices

Here is why you should not shy away from Glass dominating the aesthetics of your spaces.

A dash of luxury

Glass is the ultimate luxury material. When you use it in doors, windows, and partitions, Glass adds a sense of luxury to your spaces. Depending on how and where you’re using it, this can range from a hint to a boundless blend of modernity and luxury. Use different kinds of Glass – frosted, laminated, back painted, tempered – depending on your needs in a particular space. The world of customised glass solutions is a fascinating world waiting to be explored.

For instance, when you use frosted Glass for your bathroom’s wash basin, it will immediately stand out to anyone entering the space. Patterned Glass for a bookcase in a living room will brighten up the ambience and add a touch of posh. Use creative glass solutions for everyday functional pieces to give your space a distinctly sophisticated touch.

Complete privacy

Privacy needs usually arise in interior space designs, and Glass offers a unique solution. Using Glass to determine privacy ensures an atmosphere which is not obstructive in its secureness, yet is sufficiently safe and contained. Glass has a way of establishing boundaries without being too stuffy.

Frosted Glass is often the desired way to go for all privacy requirements. It can be produced by either sandblasting or acid etching on clear sheet glass. Since it is translucent in nature, it gives you a privacy solution that fits right for both functional and aesthetic needs – it allows for light to be let in while obscuring the view just enough. Further modifications, in terms of design, is also possible with frosted Glass.

Spacious rooms  

Clever use of Glass can ensure that a smaller space be designed in such a way that it gives the illusion of largeness. Using Glass for sliding screen doors can create an illusion of an open space layout, effectively removing physical constraints by relaxing visual restrictions. Using Glass in key spaces like the kitchen can pave the way for a more open space. Intelligent and creative use of Glass in design solutions can essentially do the impossible – spaces that look limited and small can magically become large and airy!

Eco-friendly solutions

Technology has made it possible that materials like solar control glass be developed and become key competitors in thermal control solutions. With its low-emittance (low-E) coating, solar control glass blocks radiant heat transfer. Different climates translate into different energy needs, and this kind of Glass allows for customizability. Using certain solar control glasses also allows for energy efficient designs, a theme that might resonate with sustainability enthusiasts.

Turn to AIS Glass for Customised Glass Solutions

The manufacturing process of Glass is constantly evolving to serve the diverse needs of home and office owners. Whatever you may need, you will find just the right solution at AIS Glass. Ranging from purely aesthetic designs like tinted and decorative to functional ones like solar control glasses to a mix of both such as frosted Glass, we specialise glass doors, windows, partitions, et al. Depending on your needs, we shape Glass into just what you need it to be.

Head over to AIS Glass and survey a range of carefully crafted, customisable solutions. AIS Tinted, AIS Clear and AIS Krystal offer many possibilities of design solutions that fit your wants. AIS Glass solutions offer a vast abundance of features like protection from harmful UV rays, noise reduction, high fire resistance, high durability, eco-friendly nature and more. Apart from functionally attractive features such as these, high aesthetic appeal is also ensured. These are glass solutions that look well, and also work well, providing creativity the space to flourish without compromising on functionality.

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