Best uPVC Window Designs for Your Kitchen

With delicious meals and precious memories flowing in and out of it, your kitchen is probably one of your most favourite spaces within your home. And if that is true, you would always want it to be a personalised, stylish, and airy space. While there is a lot you can do to amp up the décor of your kitchen, using the right kind of fenestration makes all the difference.

When it comes to kitchens, uPVC glass windows are undoubtedly the best fenestration choice you can make. uPVC as a framing material can be shaped and styled however, you wish. It can also accommodate a wide variety of glass types regardless of their thickness and other natural properties. Moreover, when coupled with the right quality of glass, uPVC doors and windows are very easy to clean and maintain.

If all these traits of uPVC doors and windows sound appealing to you, you should surely renovate your kitchen with a select style of uPVC windows.

Here are some you can try for a trendy kitchen.

Bay Windows

Is your kitchen smaller than you’d like? Do you want to extend it a little without spending a fortune? If your answer to these questions is a big fat yes, uPVC bay windows will be your best friend. Bay windows will break the quadrangular structure of your kitchen and extend it a little towards the outside. They protrude from your wall and create an alcove of sorts for the interior. You can use the extra space for a green herb garden or to store utensils. Since these windows also allow optimum light to infiltrate your kitchen, they are even perfect for congested or badly-ventilated kitchens.

Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are one of the most prevalent fenestration options in modern homes. For kitchens, these windows are perfect regardless of the space and style. They can be customised to open outwards if space is an issue in your kitchen. You can use the space adjacent to the window to keep your stove or even some plants. Overall, casement windows are a classic yet pragmatic installment for modern kitchens of every type.

French Windows

French windows are floor-to-ceiling glass fixtures installed in minimalist frames that can open both inwards and outwards. uPVC French windows are common characteristics of most living rooms and bedrooms, but they are equally rewarding when installed in kitchens. They will light up your kitchen beautifully and will also add an illusion of extra space to it. For more elaborate décor styles, you can choose designer uPVC frames for your kitchen French windows. Similarly, for added security or privacy, you can choose toughened or frosted glass. With uPVC French windows, your design options are absolutely endless.

Awning Kitchen Windows

If there is one space in your home that needs maximum ventilation, it is your kitchen. Kitchens are home to plenty of humid air in the form of steam, oil splashes, and heat, and all of these need a path to escape your house. Awning kitchen windows can act as this path without taking up too much space on your kitchen walls. These are rectangular fixtures hinged at the top and openable from the bottom. Used conventionally as ventilators, these windows can be installed near the ceiling for maximum benefit in a compact kitchen. So, if you are struggling with limited air and improper ventilation, awning windows are the best solution for your kitchen.

Garden Windows

Are you looking to be a little experimental with your kitchen décor? Do you want all the herbs you use for cooking to grow in your own kitchen? Garden windows will answer these questions for you. These 3D glass structures are specially made for plants. They are tiny greenhouses that can fit in even the smallest of kitchens. You can have these windows protrude either inside or outside your house. In either case, ensure that maximum sunlight is incident on them.

Double-Hung Windows

Another excellent fenestration solution for compact or badly-ventilated kitchen is a uPVC double-hung window. These windows open both horizontally and vertically and have two panels. Since they open from both top and bottom sides, they allow the perfect amount of light and air inside your kitchen. You can place heat-emitting equipment such as stoves and microwave ovens adjacent to double-hung windows to derive maximum benefits out of them.

These uPVC window styles are popular among modern homeowners, mainly due to their versatility and sleekness. While uPVC as a framing material is in itself incredibly durable, architects and interior designers like to choose the best-quality glass as well, especially when it comes to kitchen windows and doors.

AIS Glass manufactures the perfect window and door glass for all kinds of frames, including uPVC. Couple your kitchen’s stylish uPVC doors and windows with the best-quality glass panes to increase their appeal. You can experiment with different glass colours, patterns, and cuts to try different décor styles. If you want to have your kitchen uPVC windows to last longer, have strengthened or heat-resistant glass installed in them.

Contact AIS Glass today to adorn your kitchen uPVC windows with the right glass type!