Choosing an Ideal Reflective Glass: Aesthetics meets Functionality

The world of glass is an ethereal one indeed. There is a glass solution to meet every unique need. Be it that of strength, privacy, security, acoustic-insulation, or energy-efficiency; glass fulfills them all in style. And in this awe-inspiring universe of glass, reflective glass holds a significant place due to its superior aesthetics and stellar functionalities. After all, it allows buildings to achieve a great visual appeal while providing thermal comfort along with energy-efficiency.

What Is Reflective Glass?

Reflective glass is float glass with a thin metallic coating that provides it with a darker shade that helps combat solar glare. Reflective glass has diverse applications in both residential buildings as well as commercial enclaves. The interior applications include display cabinets, display windows, high-quality photo frames, table-tops, wardrobes, etc. The exterior applications include commercial façades, shop displays, restaurant fronts, air traffic control towers, petrol bunk windows, etc.

Reflective Glass: Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

As discussed, reflective glass is a versatile material with multifarious applications. It is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality. Let us understand a few of the key benefits of installing reflective glass in your home or office –

Optical Comfort

Tinted reflective glass undoubtedly encourages a more soothing atmosphere inside a building by reducing the solar glare along with providing a bold and sharp appearance to its façade. This type of glass allows for optimal sunlight filtration and hue neutrality that further eliminates the need to install blinds or window shutters. Reflective glass manufactured with a Low-E coating increases optical comfort and also makes the building more energy-efficient.

Colour Diversity

Reflective glass is available in varied hues such as bronze, silver, dark grey, green, dark blue, etc. You can choose the hue that aligns with the colour of your building’s framing, stonework, and metal panes. These hues protect your interiors from absorbing harmful UV rays and also significantly reduce the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning unit) costs.

Ensures Privacy

The metallic coating on the glass surface provides a one-way mirror effect, rendering it opaque for people standing on the outside looking in. This allows for privacy while letting you or your guests or employees take advantage of the panoramic view of the outside. People and vehicles on the opposite side can simply see a reflection of themselves on the surface of such buildings.

Summer Comfort

Reflective glass allows for tonnes of natural light to shower in without absorbing any of the scorching heat that can make you uncomfortable. This treated glass surface allows light to reflect through but reflects away the heat the said light brings. This makes dwelling very comfortable, especially during the sweltering summer months.

Variety of Options to Choose From

Now that you have learned about the many benefits of reflective glass, you must be wondering about the variants. This type of glass comes in four major variants and is capable of addressing all your performance and design needs.

Opal Solar Control Reflective Glass

This type of reflective glass can be used for home and office exteriors as it cuts heat from your buildings. Opal is a popular choice for heat reflection and is available in several hues, thus enhancing the visual appeal to the building’s façade. This solar control glass comes in shades of royal blue, bronze, pearly grey, aqua blue, golden white and cool green. It is also available in a wide range of sizes and density. 

Ecosense Reflective Glass

Ecosense offers exceptional thermal comfort, reduces heat and UV absorption and makes your building energy-efficient. It is the ultimate amalgamation that provides optimum daylighting and aesthetics. This is a high-performance reflective glass and is specially designed to meet the requirement of every Indian customer who needs cooling more than heating. Ecosense can be installed in differing shades of blue and green. It can also be installed without any colour – clear reflective glass.

Super Silver Reflective Glass

Super silver is a heat reflective glazing solution manufactured through the process of CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition). CVD technology for making this type of reflective glass is far superior to the traditional spray-coated reflective glass available in the market. Super silver glass reduces solar glare and provides thermal as well as optical comfort inside the building. This glass reflects light during the day giving it one-sided mirror properties that also provide privacy to people inside. Super silver glass is available in various colours, sizes, and thickness.

Sunshield Reflective Glass

If you live or work in a particularly hot location then Sunshield glass is for you. Its strong coating provides a building with ultimate cooling comfort. Sunshield can be installed in several colours, thickness and sizes. It allows the light to reflect through without absorbing the heat and also helps provide solid protection against UV rays.

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