Back Painted Glass – Perfect Solution for Kitchen Interior

“Kitchens should be designed around what’s really important: fun, food, and life,” said the famous French chef and restaurateur – David Boulud. The chef had it right; serious is one word that should be avoided entirely when it comes to kitchen designing. The sight of scrumptious delicacies and the aroma coming from the kitchen captivates the heart of residents and guests alike. A great way to enhance this beautiful aura is to give your kitchen’s interiors an overhaul – a stunning contemporary look maybe or some vintage vibes, whatever you please so that it truly becomes a place that brings people together.

Glass has been becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and architects – a material that is incorporated more and more in ambitious projects. Among other members of the glass family, it is back-painted glass that takes the trophy in terms of aesthetics with its colourful appearance and functional brilliance.

Let’s see how this glass can transform your kitchen from drab to fab, that too in a jiffy.

Happy Kitchen, Happy Home: Make it So Using Back-Painted Glass

Happiness is a small house with a big kitchen. Now, even if the heart of your home is not big in size, does that mean you can’t go big with your design? Of course not! In fact, with the simple addition of back-painted glass to your kitchen interiors, you can create the culinary zone of your dreams! And here’s how you can do it.

Don’t Let the Counter-tops Go Bland

While pure white or marbled kitchen counter-tops look classic, they are too old-school. Plus, people often complain of the time-consuming task of getting rid of all that mess from those counter-tops, especially the kitchen island. Thankfully, with back-painted glass, that is no longer the problem! Not only can you add some much-needed sheen and colour to your counter-tops but you can also allow your little ones to assist you in your baking sessions without worrying about the mess – back-painted glass is extraordinarily low-maintenance and gets spick-and-span with a simple wipe.

Will You Leave out the Backsplash?

Now, if there’s one area in your kitchen that holds tremendous possibilities in terms of design, it’s the kitchen backsplash. After all, we can all agree that even dull chores like washing the dishes becomes a delight when you’re facing a productivity-inspiring coloured wall and a wide casement window that opens up to a garden in full bloom. Suppose you’re afraid of sticking to a monochrome tone. In that case, you have plenty of scope to play around and experiment – choose glass sheets of different colours and sizes to create a funky geometric pattern or stick to two complementary tones for the entire backsplash – the choice is yours!

Plus, as back-painted glass is low-maintenance and moisture-resistant, you need not fear spillages or the fact that your kitchen can suffer a little too much from humidity.

Organise Your Cutlery in Style

Whether you’re going for a sleek, traditional, elegant, or modern look for your kitchen space, you can never go wrong with back-painted glass on the kitchen cabinets! You get to organise your cutlery and other pantry items in style with the availability of such diverse colour options. For the newfangled modular kitchens, back-painted glass cabinets are incredible. You can choose from a plethora of colour and design options – choose a colour that complements well with the backsplash or counter-tops or opt for contrasting tones. Also, its non-porous characteristic means more hygiene and less time spent on wiping the clutter.

Need a Classic Place to Write down Your Grandma’s Recipes?

Always fiddling with your to-do list? With so much to do every day, a back-painted glass magnetic board is just the thing you need. Simply hang a board in front of your cooking space and write &read for that sense of complete control over your daily tasks. Plus, coming to our main point – a back-painted glass magnetic board is that perfect area to write down your family’s traditional recipes, meal prep ideas for the entire week, and menu for upcoming family luncheons, among others. And what’s more; you can do all of this without breaking the continuity of design and style of your space.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for premium back-painted glass solutions!

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