Clear Glass View for Sea-Facing Houses

Only a lucky few get to live in a sea-facing property, but if you do, it is an aesthetic imperative to lace all views with crystal clear glass. Experience the real richness of your sea-facing home with the help of expansive clear glass windows.

What Is Clear Glass?

“But, all glass is clear” is a common notion among many homeowners. This statement, however, is not entirely true. All glass is transparent; however, clarity is a different ballgame. Standard float glass has a natural greenish tint because of the presence of iron. You can confirm this by looking at the edges of ordinary glass panes, and they will appear green to you. This slight tint obstructs you from seeing the actual colours and hues of the vistas on the other side of the glass. 

To enhance clarity, one must use clear glass. Clear glass surfaces do not distort real colours and allow the viewer to feel like they are outside even when behind a pane. Furthermore, clear float glass from a top-notch glass manufacturing company like AIS Glass means high precision flatness and uniformity. Why is perfect flatness essential? Clear float glass is often used to observe the striking vistas as they actually are. Therefore, any iron-led tint or badly formed corner can dissolve the entire purpose of impeccable viewing.

Why Choose Clear Glass for Your Sea-Facing Home?

Apart from the obvious reason of gaining a spectacular and authentic view of your surroundings, clear glass is customisable and can be blended with other functionalities that make it super strong and long-lasting. Here are a few features and benefits that make clear glass the best choice for homes facing any gorgeous waterbody.


If you wish to install clear glass on your balcony, you will need unparalleled tenacity. This material should comfortably withstand a substantial amount of wind pressure, downpours, thunderstorms, etc. given its proximity to the sea. Clear float glass can easily be heat tempered and made four to five times stronger. Thermal tempering creates tension between the inner and outer layer of glass, thus making it exceptionally strong. A toughened clear glass surface can then award your dwellings with spectacular yet safe views of the ocean.


Clear float glass surfaces can also be laminated without compromising their sparkling brilliance. Laminated clear glass is a type of safety glass that offers strength and does not shatter upon impact. Even if it does, the entire pane does not fall off. Why? An inner PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) sandwich layer keeps the whole structure together. However, if the impact was too harsh, this type of glass breaks into bluntly rounded pebbles and do not fall to the ground as sharp jagged shards. Therefore, people standing around this structure do not get hurt.   


Clear glass can be treated for providing better insulation. This is especially helpful in sub-tropical countries where during summer months, even the seaside is hot. You can install insulated clear glass for comfortable outside viewing, as this glass type reduces heat absorption without compromising on daylighting. Also, the insulation does not allow for cold conditioned air inside your home to leak out, which helps attain optimal thermal comfort. It is an obvious choice to fix expansive and insulated clear glass windows if you have a sea-facing home.


Even though your home faces the sea, you might want a small portion of the balcony enclosure to be partially etched or patterned for effect. And, this is possible with clear glass. There are a host of patterns that can be etched onto the clear glass for effect. You can also choose to construct a balcony gazebo for extra seating with partially etched or frosted clear glass. 

Over to You

Are your considering clear glass for your sea-facing home or office? If yes, then choose AIS Glass for high-quality clear panes that have precise flatness and unparalleled clarity. See the vistas as they would appear to the naked eye with AIS Clear Float Glass. We offer all functionalities mentioned above with this type of glass. If you want toughness, insulation, frosting, enamelling along with crystal clarity, give us a call.

We also provide a host of glass-related solutions that do not end at clear glass. To find out about our entire range of products and services log on to or access our mobile app today!

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