Back Painted Glass: An Easiest Way to Create a Luxurious Effect

Imagine a silky-smooth wall with a flawless finish and colour, providing a luxe-like vibe to your room. Luxury is all about the right juxtaposition of traditional and modern so as to create a look that is sleek and current, but not sterile by any means. A pop of colour can be that little touch required to make any space cutting-edge and inviting. And when coupled with the glossy finish of glass, the outcome is all the more splendid. Back painted glass is a member of the glass family, who though is popular for decoration, is a kind where form serves function.

This type of glass has diverse applications and it can be used in literally any and every room of your home or office. Be it the kitchen, bathroom, study, drawing or dining room at your home or conference hall, cabins or cubicles in your office; this type of glass provides elegance wherever installed.

What Is Back Painted Glass?

Also known as lacquered glass, back painted glass is exactly what it sounds like – glass that has been painted from one side. This leads to the glass becoming opaque from the other side. Lacquered glass is rapidly gaining popularity due to its aesthetic prowess and has found applications in commercial complexes, residential properties, and entertainment venues. Glass has always added a certain “Je ne sai quois” or X-factor to interiors and exteriors of buildings. Back painted glass cranks this X-factor up a notch. Distempering can never give your wall the same flawless finish as lacquered glass can.

The Science behind Lacquered Glass

A pre-cut sheet of glass is first cleaned thoroughly to ensure that no dry or wet debris is lingering on the surface. Debris left uncleaned will get embedded on the glass surface and will lead to a substandard product finish. After this, masking tape is laced throughout the front edges of the slab to ensure that it does not get coated with paint. The glass pane is then laid flat on a surface and paint is applied to the open side, usually in multiple coats. Many a time, the glass can be transferred to a large oven which that will bake the wet paint, ensuring good adhesion. Back painted glass can be cut and polished in case the size dimensions need to be altered following its manufacture. 

Lacquered Glass: Where Form Serves Function

If you are looking to amplify the spatial aesthetics of your home or office then back painted glass is your ideal pick. There are several benefits of getting this type of glass installed and they are all not related to aesthetics alone. Keep reading to find out how lacquered glass can complete the spectrum of design, safety and durability.

Spectacular Chromatic Assortment

Gone are the days when glass was considered useful only because of its transparency and could be used only for doors, windows and partitions. Glass applications today have quadrupled and back painted glass is one of the reasons why. There is a vast variety of colours and patterns available in this particular type. You will be spoilt for choice. There is a back painted glass colour for every personality and every mood. Select from a range of striking colours or pastels depending on your desire and the purpose of your space.

Superior Durability with Low-Maintenance

The finish on back painted glass lasts a lifetime as opposed to painted or textured walls. Since the paint is behind a sturdy surface of the glass, it never comes in direct contact with heat, humidity and moisture. This preserves the look and finish of the coloured glass wall, thus making it completely maintenance-free. You can also drill a hole into it to hang photo frames. Back painted glass does not allow much grime or dirt to settle on its surface and is also very easy to wipe clean. The multiple coatings of paint make this glass very strong and durable. It does not crack, chip or dent and can withstand external pressure.

Heat and Humidity-Resistant

Back painted glass has fantastic applications in kitchens and bathrooms since it has a great capacity to endure heat and humidity. Be it hot oil spills from pans or hot water from showers, lacquered glass will happily sustain such spill-overs while giving your rooms a gorgeous sense of style and chicness. If you want a sense of luxury in your bathroom or kitchen, clad your plain, dull-looking walls, basins, slabs, backsplash, kitchen island, and cabinets with back painted glass.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your spatial goals may be for your home or office, back painted glass will easily fit into them. Given the range of designs, you will certainly find a colour that matches your sensibilities. Get back painted glass installed by AIS Glass. Our spectacular range of AIS Décor will make you spoilt for choice. From soothing, earthy tones of Earthy Brown and Terracotta, to bright and bold shades of Autumn Orange, Chrome Yellow, and Venetian Red, to royal metallic tones of Sterling Silver and Sparkling Mystic Gold; AIS Décor is available in them all. Rely on our team of professionally-trained technicians that use top-of-the-line tools to fulfil all your glass requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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