A Complete Guide on Automotive Glass That Everyone Should Know

When you’re on the road, you are not alone; thousands commute every single day to various destinations. Traffic woes and safety worries can make your road journey one overshadowed with constant anxiety and frustration. At times like these when road accidents have increased so much, paying attention to safety measures is a big necessity.

The automobile industry has been transforming our riding experience with innovative ideas. The use of automotive glass in the manufacturing of windscreens, side windows, and rear car glass has significantly enhanced safety on all parameters. When you buy your vehicle, ensure that it comes equipped with an automotive glass of high quality. This guide will help you learn all about automotive glass.

What is Automotive Glass?

Glass that is used in automobiles can be broadly termed as automotive glass. It is a kind of processed float glass that undergoes heating and chemical treatments. Through this toughening process, the glass becomes sturdier and stronger to handle stress from external factors.

Automotive glass can also be processed to include other beneficial properties like protection against harmful infrared rays, prevention of excessive heating in the car, and reduction of noise. All these properties can be inculcated in the glass for optimum comfort while you drive your vehicle.

Varieties of Automotive Glass

There are primarily two kinds of glass that are used in the automobile sector.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is float glass that is strengthened through a unique toughening process. Float glass is subjected to a heating process after which it is quenched. The instant cooling of glass creates compressive stress on the surface of the glass and internal stress on its body. This helps the glass to become physically and thermally stronger than normal glass. It is sturdier than glass with the same thickness and invulnerable to tensile stress.

Tempered automotive glass is highly effective in lowering impact-related breakage. In case the glass is hit by an external force, your safety will not be compromised as it shatters into small pieces. Tempered automotive glass is also durable and dramatically efficient in reducing noise and vibrations inside your vehicle. It also offers a clear vision for a comfortable riding experience.

Temperlite-LT from AIS Glass is a type of automotive glass that is used primarily for side windows and rear windshields. Since it goes through superior processing, this glass is sturdier and stronger than normal glass. It can also withstand greater temperature differentials for enhanced performance.

Laminated Glass

Two or more sheets of either annealed or heat-treated glass are separated by a special PVB interlayer to ensure perfect adhesion between constituent elements. The interlayer is normally made of PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral), which is a type of resin that provides strong binding, optical clarity, and toughness.

Laminated automotive glass offers enhanced safety on breakage. When it breaks, the glass pieces remain stuck to the PVB interlayer and do not fall apart. When a normal glass breaks, it forms large shards which can cause serious injury. The interlayer acts as an extra layer of protection against such breakage risks. Laminated automotive glass also has a greater impact, stress, and intrusion resistance; making it significantly better than normal glass. For better security, endurance, and optical clarity, go for laminated automotive glass.

AIS SecurityglasTM is a strong laminated safety glass that comes with greater strength and impact resistance and provides level 2 and level 3 protection against burglar attacks. This safety glass also effectively reduces noise for enhanced acoustic performance.

Value Additions for Automotive Glass

Glass antennae for rear lights – Glass antennae are so much more appealing than metal ones. They send and receive signals through printed conductive patterns with electric devices. They are highly durable and maintenance-free addition to your vehicle.

Solar control – Vehicles can get unbearably hot during summer months. A high-quality automotive glass can ensure a cooler interior temperature and lessen the load on the AC. It will also give you protection from harmful UV rays and prevent skin irritation. AIS Glass’s UV Cut Glass for Sidelites is manufactured to serve this purpose.

Acoustic windshield – Your automotive glass windshield can be processed to help eliminate noise and provide a good ambience inside the car. With a reduction in noise levels, you will receive greater comfort, especially for listening to soft music while driving.

In Summation

Safety should be your number one priority while buying vehicles. Since the traffic on roads has increased tremendously, our driving experiences are slowly turning into nightmares. Ascertain greater security for yourself and for your loved ones by investing in good-quality automotive glass that is designed for greater comfort and protection.

AIS Glass has been the preferred choice of automotive OEMs for over thirty years. With a 70% command over market shares, it is a brand whose products can be seen in India’s best vehicles. AIS Glass is a leading integrated glass manufacturer that offers a comprehensive range of products and services that are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. We provide you automotive glass for passenger and commercial vehicles, trains, metros, railways, and off-highways. You can get value-added products of high-end quality customised to your needs. Look no further than AIS Glass for a seamless service and effective delivery. Contact us today to find out more!

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