When in Doubt, Retrofit

Have you ever looked up to your house or even office’s windows and remarked, ‘Hey, they need a change!’? Well, that certainly is not as uncommon as one might think. Glass doors and windows are the essence of every new building ever made. And since buildings do not need a revamping every other year, it is fair to say that doors and windows are often their longest lasting structures (apart from the walls, of course!).
Yet, given how important the role of windows is in not only serving as conduits of light and ventilation but also creating a fully-functional and modern space, there comes a time when one must give thought to changing the old windows.

This is where we tell you what retrofitting buildings with shiny and functional glass windows is all about.
Considering window renovation
Any sort of renovation is a hectic job. Not only do you need to identify the issues for repair but also research in the market for the ideal solution. Any such consideration has to be made after careful thought and planning since investment in architectural revamp, especially that of glass windows, will leave a result in place that will last for decades.
Moreover, when one considers window renovation, a lot of factors need to be dealt with. First is figuring out the right window for a particular functional need. Second is the expense incurred and the time taken to remove the old windows and replace them with new ones. Third is the impact which such a renovation might have on your property – what if your old windows add heritage value, thus leaving you reluctant to replace them altogether?
This is where retrofitting glass can be the ideal option for you. In retrofitting, a new, modern glazing will be installed atop your existing one from the inside. Time-saving and efficient, retrofitted windows are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world.
Retrofitting – A viable alternative
As mentioned before, retrofitting your building’s glass windows will help you save on the time and cost incurred in removing the existing windows and then installing the new ones. Thus, it is a quick solution for modern professionals who desire the least disruption in their lives.
Moreover, since glass windows are retrofitted from the inside, the look of your home or office from the outside will remain the same. This is perfect for those who do not want to change the aesthetics and veer towards maintaining the heritage and antiquity of their home or office.
Finally, another benefit that retrofitting offers is that your windows will get double glazeGlad, thus offering you increased insulation from heat, dust, pollution, and noise. Glass manufacturers such as AIS have come up with modern retrofitting solutions such as AIS Renew – a low-E energy-saving insulated glass that filters out sun’s heat without cutting down on natural lighting. It only takes 30-60 minutes to install one such window that also offers excellent reduction in dew condensation and low maintenance.
Perhaps most importantly, retrofitting your windows with energy-efficient glass will turn your building into a green one, thus helping you do your bit to protecting our precious environment.
Ready for a retrofit?

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