Acoustic Calculator

Different glass configurations provide different degrees of acoustic insulation from external sounds. The software is able to calculate the the acoustic insulation provided by a particular glass type and configuration. The configurations are for single glazing with different thickness, insulated glass units with different thickness, and PVB laminated glass with different thick nesses.


  • Glazing type: single, IGU, or Laminated
  • Glass Thickness and configuration


  • The mean sound transmission loss
  • Chart outlining the sound transmission loss at various frequencies

Thermal Breakage

Due to uneven heating of the glass pane different areas within a pane expand and contract at different rates. Due to different rates of expansion and contraction, stresses develop in the glass may cause Thermal breakage. Thermal Breakage is directly related to the temperature difference across the glass pane, and is in the range of 32 to 46 degree Celsius. Temperature difference depends on several factors such as Solar Intensity, Type of glass, and Shadows on portion of glass, Type of Internal Shading, Glass Orientation etc. The thermal Breakage module takes into consideration all the above factors and calculates the risk of thermal breakage for a given configuration of glass.

If you need a calculation to be made, please contact your AIS Technical Sales Manager.