Energy Calculator

The energy software is designed for India specific conditions, using past 30 years data for various Indian cities outlined by the Indian weather bureau. The software calculates the amount of solar and non-solar energy likely to impact a glass pane for a certain orientation of a building in a particular Indian city, month by month around a calendar year.

This information is then used to calculate the relative AC load using different glasses. Finally the software is able to provide the cost savings expected using different glass types and relative payback time period


  • City for past 30 years of weather data for that city
  • Orientation of facade for solar intensity faced on different sides of a building
  • Ration of glazing to non glazing area
  • Type of glass selected
  • Type of building and usage patterns
  • Electricity cost, etc.


  • Total solar and non-solar energy
  • AC loads
  • Annual costs, savings and payback analysis

Solar/Thermal/Energy use

The Energy Use module is developed to evaluate/compare glass performance for annual electricity use for cooling and heating and to find the one that is most cost effective. The various conditions for determining cost effectiveness are glass type, climate zone, occupancy type (daytime only or 24×7), cost and fenestration area. It gives user an option to compare 3 different types of glasses, taking the base glass as 6 mm Clear Glass and rest three can be selected from the list of glasses in the drop down column. It ranks the glass according to the least payback period and energy cost.

If you need a calculation to be made, please contact your AIS Technical Sales Manager.