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AIS Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

See more comfortwith AIS Tinted Heat-Absorbing Glass

AIS Tinted Heat-Absorbing Glass is a body tinted glass which absorbs energy from solar radiation. It, therefore, cuts down the sun’s heat, enabling greater convenience and comfort inside the building, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building from outside.

Features and Benefits:

  • AIS Tinted Float Glass absorbs 30% to 45% of the solar heat incident on the glass surface – depending on tint and thickness – and thus reduces the quantity of heat flowing into the buildings, lessens the cooling-load on air-conditioning and saving energy costs.
  • It is highly flexible in terms of applications, so architects and designers can now try and incorporate new design trends in their buildings
  • AIS Tinted Float Glass protects against glare and allows less visible light transmittance, thus, creating a soothing environment while reducing harmful ultraviolet ray penetration.
Tinted Glass
AIS Green Tinted glass is a much lighter shade than AIS Dark Grey Tinted glass, hence scoring high on light transmission, yet the amount of solar heat energy transmitted by AIS Green is as low as AIS Dark Grey. Hence, one gets the advantage of light transmission and better solar factor.
ShadesBronze, French Bronze, Dark Grey, Green, Dark Blue
SizesAvailable in a number of sizes

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