Energize Your Bathroom with Custom Glass Shower Doors

Although it may seem superficial but the way your bathrooms are designed, has a direct effect on your mood. To put it simply – since bathrooms are a smaller space in your home, they tend to be dark and dingy and offer a dull ambience. Moreover, most of us begin and end our days after using the bathroom, and a shabby bathroom will only be dispiriting.

On the other hand, brighter bathrooms offer a lively ambience as they tend to be more airy and open. But, who cares about the ambience? After all, the main purpose of a bathroom is to serve a functional utility; as long as it is clean, ventilated, and functional, design and styles shouldn’t matter, right? Well, that can’t be far from the truth.

Is Bathroom Décor Important?

This is not an invalid question; in fact, when you think of interior design, bathroom décor is often the last to be brought up. But, bathrooms are important amenities that can be transformed to provide enhanced comfort and relaxation. Think about it: a bathroom adorned with sleek tiles, polished fixtures, towel racks, or if space allows it – a potted plant – is sure to pep up your décor while offering a warm ambience.

Nothing can beat the relaxing ability of a hot/cold shower. The stress from a tiring day or the grumpiness of an early morning start can be washed away inside the shower cubicle. Most importantly, a good shower has proven to increase creativity in humans; remember all those brilliant ideas that struck you while you were showering? When you look at your bathroom from this perspective, you will understand how different design styles can influence this space.

Why Choose Custom Glass Shower Doors?

Stock glass shower doors often fit poorly and are inflexible to style demands, which is why installing custom glass shower doors is a better option for your bathroom interior. In case you’re replacing old shower doors or remodeling your bathroom, do consider installing custom glass shower doors to bring a splash of energy to space.

Say Goodbye to Simple Designs

Although modern décor is immensely popular today, their simple and sophisticated designs can be a bit clinical and boring. Besides, modern minimalistic designs have an industrial outlook that often creates a dull ambience. With such a bland décor, your bathroom will be far from being a cheerful space.

So, to incorporate a dash of energy to your bathroom interior, using shower doors made with patterned or frosted glass is a good alternative. The etched surface of patterned glass and the distorted texture of frosted glass can enhance the zeal of the place and promote liveliness. Moreover, you can choose from a plethora of patterns and add a unique flavour to your bathroom interiors.

Add a Splash of Luxury

The best part about custom glass shower doors is their style flexibility that can be used to integrate a modest splash of luxury to your bathroom interiors. Depending on your décor needs, you can select a shower door style while you can also choose the placement of these glass shower doors inside your bathroom – in the middle or next to the window – to enhance the luxurious aspect furthermore.

Choose from a variety of exquisite styles: a posh steam door design that can double up as a steam room to offer that spa-like luxury, a rustic French door design for the old-world splendour, perhaps a frameless design just like the one your favourite hotel has, or for extravagance, choose sliding shower doors with a shower-tub configuration and alleviate your uninteresting bathroom interiors to luxurious levels.

Ditch Clear Glass, Choose Tinted Glass

Most homeowners opt for a shower door made of clear glass, either framed or frameless. Although a timeless style, shower doors made of clear glass can become monotonous and uninteresting over time. So, if you’re looking to break the monotony, you can install shower doors made of tinted glass instead.

Tinted glass shower doors can be contrasted with the wall paint, floor tiles, or you can choose a tint to match the colour scheme of your bathroom interior. Either way, bringing in more colours is sure to brighten the ambience and create a cheerful mood.

Choose AIS Glass, Here’s Why

A world of difference is made in the quality of aspects such as design, safety, style, or functionality when you select the right glass company; especially in the case of glass shower doors that require specialised glass and fitting. This is why you should always choose a reliable brand like AIS Glass.

A leading brand in integrated glass manufacturing, AIS Glass offers high-end quality products and services for both internal and external applications. For a hassle-free installation process, we offer end-to-end solutions, right from the manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication to installation and post-installation services. Our wide range of best-in-class solutions can be customised to suit all your architectural needs and for a smooth transaction, our team of trained professionals will guide you step-by-step through the entire installation process.

Are you looking for custom glass shower doors to energize your bathroom? We can help! Get in touch with us today to avail expert consultation services.