Established in 1984, Asahi India Glass Ltd. or popularly known as AIS has grown from being a ‘single product, single customer’ company to a world-class integrated glass solutions company. AIS has evolved and sustained leadership and excellence in all the fields it operates in.
AIS offers solutions to all your glass needs for your Car, Home and Business. AIS is structured into four verticals:

  • Automotive Glass: AIS is the leader in the auto glass industry which comes with excellent quality. It is the preferred choice for OEMs for the last 25 years. 74% of cars in India are fitted with AIS glass. AIS auto glass includes not just laminated windshields and tempered glass for side and back windows but also value added glass with sub-assemblies such as rain sensor and plug in windows, and high technology options of solar and acoustic glass.
  • Architectural Glass : AIS is an innovation leader in the world of architectural glass. The architectural portfolio includes a wide variety of glass solutions for exterior and interior architecture. It includes not only Clear & Tinted glass but also a range of value added solar control & heat-reflective glass, frosted & lacquered glass solutions.
  • Consumer Glass: AIS’s primary interface with end-consumers for its range of automotive and architectural glass product service solutions. Consultation-led, customized offerings that bring together the diverse AIS portfolio to the end-user’s doorstep, providing consumer-centric solutions is the key differentiator of Consumer Glass SBU. AIS offers a wide range of product service solutions through two companies – Windshield Experts and Glasxperts.
       a) Windshield Experts: Windshield Experts is India’s only specialized chain that offers automotive glass repair & replacement services. It offers an unparalleled experience for a cashless job both in shop and at the customer’s doorstep. Windshield Experts also offers additional services of car vacuum, glass wiper replacement & car battery health check and replacement under its car service plus brand of services.
       b) Glasxperts: Glasxperts is AIS’s retail initiative in the architectural glass segment. Glasxperts meets your need for modern, eco-sensitive aesthetically appealing glass solutions with a full spectrum of world class branded glass products, fittings and systems with assured safety and hassle-free installation services. They are a full-service glass solutions brand that brings an integrated approach & specialized knowledge to glass selection & installation for home, office & commercial interior spaces.
  • Solar Glass – The planets reserve of fossil fuels is fast depleting. The world is also moving towards clean energy and hence the increasing dependence on renewable power generation. The usage of solar glass mirrors and panels will play an important role in it. AIS Solar Glass is AIS’s foray into the fast-emerging solar glass segment in India. It represents not just a promising business avenue, but is also an opportunity to contribute to the given revolution in the country through clean, sustainable energy generation.

AIS is one of the growing companies that straddles three sun rise markets of automotive, building & construction and energy in India. In its short life of 30 years it has emerged as a trusted partner for all its stakeholders.

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