What is solar glass and how does it help?

In these times, when energy efficiency has become a dire need, most builders and developers are striving to make their commercial and residential spaces as energy efficient as possible. A key way to achieve that is by using solar glass in all the windows.

Solar glass refers to a specially coated glass that prevents heat from entering a building. This can be very beneficial for homes with large windows as it can prevent the indoor space from heating up to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to sit. When compared to regular glass (also known as float glass) solar glass lets in a fraction of the heat, without compromising on the level of light that enters the room. As a result, your home or office can look brightly lit, without becoming hot.

What are the benefits of solar glass?

Solar glass offers a range of benefits that make it a great option for anyone:

  • Heat control: As stated earlier, solar glass prevents excess heat from entering the interiors of the building. Due to this, the interiors remain cooler for longer. You do not have to rely on air conditioning to make sure that the space you are in is comfortable.
  • Sustainability: One of the best things about solar glass is that it is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution. Since it lets in a lot of light, you can cut down the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, you don’t have to use the AC as often as you do. As a result, the carbon dioxide emissions from your home will be much lesser, making this very good for the environment. You can do your part in saving the earth.
  • Privacy: Solar glass can be made reflective. If you have a home with lots of large windows and are concerned about people looking inside, then note that this type of glass can go a long way in enhancing your privacy. It is due to this reason that many people use solar glasses in corporate buildings (and why such buildings look reflective when you see them).
  • Multi-functional glazes: The glazes used on a glass can determine the way it works. Solar glass is extremely versatile, and you can use a variety of glazings to suit your needs. For instance, you can use glazing for noise reduction, glass strengthening and even thermal insulation, as per your needs.
  • Better comfort: Finally, solar glass enhances the overall comfort of your home by keeping the interiors highly pleasant. In a country like India, this is very important as the summer seasons can be quite scorching!

Where can you get solar glass?

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