Why AIS Décor is the Best Lacquered Glass in the Market

It is easy to understand why glass is such a popular option when it comes to interior décor and architecture. Above everything else, the aesthetic quality and value of various specialized glass is what makes it stand out from other materials. In this regard, lacquered glass proves to be a wonderful selection for your home interiors. And what better than AIS Décor for the perfect lacquered glass that has much more to offer than what meets the eye?

Lacquered glass is a special type of coloured glass perfectly suited to interiors. It is opaque in appearance, meaning that it doesn’t allow any light to pass through it. It is formed by depositing and baking a coating of lacquer, which is an ornamental coating or a film-forming material, to one side of clear glass. AIS Décor is also manufactured by the same technique and is renowned for its durability, style and function. Here’s why it is the best lacquered glass in the market:
1. World class manufacturing
At Asahi India Glass Ltd., utmost care is taken to use only the best raw materials and certified techniques while manufacturing specialized glass variants. The same is followed for AIS Décor where the best non-toxic and environment-friendly lacquer is applied on the glass and oven-cured through a superior process to ensure that the glass is safe to use and lasts for a very long time.
2. Durable, versatile and easy to maintain
As mentioned earlier, the world class lacquering ensures that the brilliant colours of AIS Décor last longer despite years of usage. Also, since AIS Décor can be easily cut, drilled, bevelled, ground, edge-finished or polished, it can be used to create bespoke designs according to your fancy and requirements. Also, it does not get dirty easily, and can be cleaned and maintained without any hassle.
3. Premium finish
Since the paint adheres to the surface of AIS Décor flawlessly, one is guaranteed a uniform and smooth finish. The range of shades available in AIS Décor is another advantage offered by this lacquered glass. Just like our tinted glass, AIS Décor comes in many different striking shades, right from Ebony Black to Turquoise Green, and is also available in a number of sizes and thickness. Thus, when it comes to aesthetics, you can be spoilt for choice quite easily.
4. Moisture, heat and UV resistant
While ordinary lacquered glass in the market only offers a stylish look, AIS Décor provides many functional and modern benefits due to its advanced technology. It is specially designed to withstand humid environment such as a kitchen or bathroom, and can also resist high temperatures up to 80 degree Celsius. Also, it is also resistant to UV radiation, preventing it from getting discoloured.

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