Tips and tricks to maintain your windshield glass during monsoons

Driving during the monsoons can be a challenging task. Your view is constantly blocked by the rains and to make things worse, the dirt kicked off from other cars very easily settles on your windshield. Such situations are likely to block your view while driving that can be dangerous for the driver and the passengers within.
Importance of windshields:
Besides keeping the wind out of your face and protecting you from the rain, a windshield serves a very important purpose for your car. It provides structural integrity to your car’s roof and also ensures that the airbags of the car deploy forward in times of an accident. If the windshield glass is cracked or improperly installed, it will not serve its purpose, putting the passengers in serious harm’s way.
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Maintaining your windshield:
By maintaining your windshield and servicing it regularly, you ensure your own safety and that of others present with you in the vehicle.
Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you maintain your windshield this monsoon.
1.Wiper blade maintenance:
The rubber on the wiper blades wears out easily and generally require a change every year. The best time to make the change is before the monsoons arrive. However, it isn’t too late to make the change. Check the rubber to ensure it has not torn or cracked. Also, make sure to check the wiper’s mechanism to ensure it is working on all speeds flawlessly.
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2. Washer fluid levels:
Always make sure to check the washer fluid levels as they help in maintaining the windshield glass. In case your washer fluid is below the necessary levels, get it filled from your mechanic or make some at home and fill it up.
3. Check for cracks:
Your car windscreen is constantly bombarded with debris throughout the year. Sometimes the impact may be greater and it could lead to a small crack. If unattended, it could over time turn into a large crack with enough space for water and other debris to collect in. This will further damage the windshield and you will soon have to replace your windshield.
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If you’re looking for ways to make your journey smooth, AIS provides rain sensor windscreens that automatically activates when it starts to pour, sparing you the trouble of having to start and stop the wipers at all times. They also provide a water repellent glass coating where tiny beads of water simply roll off with the wind.
Types of windshields:
AIS Water Repellent glass
For monsoons, AIS Water Repellent glass for your windshields is a need. The main advantage of this type of glass is it consists of a special polymer coating which repels the water droplets that fall on the surface on the windshields. This results in clear visibility. The tiny pearls of water are easily blown away when the car increases the speed, thus leaving the glass panel clear and clean. The added benefit of AIS Water Repellent glass is that it requires little maintenance and is also highly durable in nature.
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AIS Rain Sensor Windscreen
As the name suggests, AIS Rain Sensor windscreen is the most beneficial in monsoons, especially during heavy rains. The rain sensor at the base of the wipers detect the volume of rain falling on the windscreen and accordingly adjusts the speed of the wipers, thus saving the driver from the constant distraction of having to flick the wipers to adjust the blade speed. The windscreen uses 2 types of sensors as below:

  • The acrylic fibre system that bonds a bracket for the sensors to the glass
  • The silicon system which bonds the sensor lens to the glass

rain sensor windshield
Keeping the above tips in mind will help you maintain your car windscreen and get a clear view of the road ahead, especially during monsoons.

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