Things you should know about AIS

 Introduction to AIS
Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is India’s leading integrated glass solutions company and a dominant player in the glass sector that offers innovative solutions for your homes, offices and other spaces. As the largest integrated glass company in India, AIS is known to offer customers the best in class quality and services.
AIS provides end-to-end solutions right from the manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication and installation services. It is a sand-to-solutions organization offering varied types of glass products & services for institutional buyers as well as retail customers that include the following:-

  • Automotive glass products: Laminated windshields, tempered back and door glass and value-added glass
  • Architectural glass products: Clear & tinted glass and a range of value-added solar control & heat-reflective glass, mirrors, frosted & lacquered glass
  • Windshield Experts: India’s first and largest automotive repair & replacement network with 51 specialist centres located in 28 cities across the country
  • Glasxperts: India’s only provider of lifestyle solutions in glass whose offerings span Privacy, Aesthetic, Window, Security, Acoustic and Energy-efficiency solutions

AIS glass has been around for over three decades and is trusted by consumers, architects and designers. As a result, we have successfully consolidated our position as a leading integrated glass manufacturing company in India, especially in the Indian automotive market where we command a 77% share.
The diverse range of automotive glass includes laminated glass for car windscreen, tempered glass for sidelites, backlites, and car windscreen. AIS also offers a host of sub-assembly products, value-added glass such as defogger glass, acoustic glass, encapsulated glass and more.
As a result, our products and services are known to delight customers by helping them achieve better comfort, safety, privacy and security.
Variety of glass for your space:
AIS offers a wide range of glass products for interior & exterior solutions such as tempered, annealed, frosted, float, clear glass and more. We also provide specialised glasses like AIS SunShield, AIS Stronglas, AIS Ecosense, AIS Swytchglas, etc. Each glass type offers unique benefits and is suitable for various applications. From security to privacy, acoustic, aesthetics, energy efficiency or security, all your needs are taken care of at AIS.
glass windows - AIS glass
4G Solutions:
As one of the leading glass manufacturers across the country, we provide a comprehensive bouquet of solutions. These include consultation services, glass selection, processing, glass integration, installation and after sale service.

AIS glass

Quality Standards and Awards
AIS is committed to achieving the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and equity across all segments. As a dominant player in the market, AIS has bagged numerous awards due to its superiority. To name a few, AIS has won the following:

  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. award for Overall Excellence in Manufacturing
  • Honda award in the Environment category for Co2 reduction
  • MADDYS Award 2016 – Mute the Outside World Campaign

Today, more than ever, AIS is driven to market-leading innovations providing the right amount of natural light, energy efficiency, thermal comfort, technology and sensitivity. AIS has won several awards and certifications due to transparency, integrity and most importantly, trust – amongst its customers. AIS is also known for a wide range of best in class products, proven track records, customized solutions for your glass needs and much more.

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