5 Security Glass Applications in the Hospitality Sector

Glass installation instantly improves the two pillars of the hospitality sector, aesthetics and space. Hence, they are a staple material for this sector.  Although they are considered fragile, the advancements in technology have rendered the glass more sturdiness and durability. Further, they can be used in various creative ways to enhance the kerb appeal as well.

Security glass is dominating the fenestration world owing to the innumerable benefits it has in store – from being highly durable to withstanding significant impact. Its mechanism and features make them a suitable choice for the hospitality sector. Here’s how you can incorporate it in different areas-
1)      Glass Walkways and Balconies
The hospitality industry is usually known for the amazing views that visitors get to enjoy. This is where glass walkways and balconies come into play. They offer admirable views of outdoors and their sleek design adds aesthetic features to the indoors. However, ensuring security and avoiding accidents are mandatory as well. Security glass is the ideal solution to ensure both the safety and aesthetic appeal as it’s architecturally sound. These anti-slip and highly durable glasses are perfect for the guests to enjoy walking on glass.
2)      Shower Cubicles
Since the hospitality industry is all about servicing clients, every precaution must be taken to ensure the safety of the guests. Although the chances of the glass shower enclosure breaking are very less, willingly sheltering this potential risk is not worth it. Security glass is designed to sustain heavy blows and not break. However, even if it breaks, its unique mechanism prevents the glass from shattering into large shards that can injure the guests. Hence, they are the ideal choice for shower cubicles.
3)      Windows
Security glass, when installed in windows, helps in maintaining safety as well as preventing outside noise from entering the reception area or other rooms. This helps to ensure a quiet and peaceful environment for the guests.  Also, they eliminate the chances of burglaries and thefts owing to their impact resistant feature.
4)      Entrance Doors
The entrance door is the center of attraction and makes the first impression. Hence, it must be in an impeccable condition and meticulously designed. With security glass, you never have to worry about cracks or any other damage. Besides ensuring security, it accentuates the entrance of the property.
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