AIS for Road Safety and Pollution Prevention.

Following road safety rules while driving in India can make driving less stressed out. But often people break rules just to reach their destination quickly. Putting their lives at risk, people indulge in rash driving that sometimes lead to accidents. Besides glass, there are numerous other things that can be done to reduce the car traffic and pollution issues. Some of the rules are listed below:
Educate your loved ones:
Making your children and your loved ones aware of road safety can bring about a great impact to their lives. Make sure you let them know about rules of crossing the road, traffic signs and so on.
Drive/ride at economical pace:
Driving or riding the vehicle at a constant speed will increase the overall fuel efficiency by at least 30%. This can be done by maintaining a steady pace in your driving style. By doing so, one can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Make sure to also service the car regularly to keep the engine tuned.

Avoid peak hours:
Peak hours are the worst time to commute as the street is crowded with people heading to work, school and other venues. Often people are stuck in heavy traffic. This causes stress and doubles the travelling time to your destination. To cut down on this issue, one needs to schedule errands and travel to avoid peak hours. This helps to save time and get the task done as well.
 Follow traffic rules:
Following traffic rules ensures road safety and smooth flow of the traffic system. Traffic rules also ensure that one does not have to deal with speeding tickets, or any other fines given by traffic officials.  These rules also apply to pedestrians who are looking to cross the road without any risk.

Carpooling/Public transport:
For some people, avoiding peak-hour traffic might not be possible. During such times, carpooling or using public transport can be the smarter choice. It can help contribute to less traffic, prevent you from getting stressed and can save a lot of money. In a country like India, one also worries about parking in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi! This will be less of an issue with carpooling.

Those people who are looking for a healthier way to commute can opt to walk or cycle their way to work. In case the destination is closer, bicycling or walking can be a good decision. So, stay safe on the road and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint!
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