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Your vehicle gives you control and autonomy over your commuting. It is an especially useful possession for those living in sparsely populated areas where travelling long distances is inevitable without the support of public transport. To most people, their car is more than just an object; it’s either a member of their family or a sentiment with which they cannot part with. And as such, they go to great lengths to maintain their health and keep it in top shape.

Need for Choosing a Robust Auto Glass for Your ‘Mechanical Lady-Love’

Of all its components, the car glass is what supports the frame of your vehicle and offers much-needed protection from external elements and impacts. Plus, given the times we live in, standard window glass can only go so far and no further. Besides being strong and robust, modern-day advances in technology have made it possible to manufacture windscreens, backlites, and sidelites that aid you on scorching days, rainy evenings, and freezing nights.

AIS’ Premium Auto Glass Solutions for a World-Class Driving Experience

AIS perfectly understands modern-day auto glass needs and as such, we offer a wide and exclusive range of glass solutions, each manufactured to cater to unique requirements. Commanding a whopping 70% share in the Indian automotive market, AIS owns 5 laminated plants, 4 tempered plants, and 4 glass assembly units across India.

Meeting all standards set by glass OEMs, our advanced windscreens, sidelites, and backlites are available for all kinds of cars and their models – from the regal SUVs to the modest hatchback segment. You can ward off unwanted weather elements such as heat, glare, UV rays, rainfall, fog, and snow with our top-grade auto glass solutions. All products are India-centric; meaning, designed keeping in mind the tropical climatic conditions of the country.

Explore the world of possibilities awaiting you –

  • Crystal-clear visibility on the road
  • Maximum driver and passenger safety and comfort
  • Fog and water-repellent and heat-reflective technologies
  • Seamless connectivity with antennas that do not disturb the lines of the vehicle
Our auto glass services are distributed pan-India via an exclusive Strategic Business Unit (SBU) – AIS Windshield Experts – which has around 90 service centres across 45 Indian cities.

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