Auto Manufacturers(OEM)

From aerodynamics and safety to comfort and aesthetics, a vehicle’s auto glass has a lot of responsibilities to take care of top auto glass manufacturers understand the importance of auto glass enough to not compromise on its quality. Be it the classic front or rear windshield or sidelites, the glass is what determines the level of structural integrity and comfort – both thermal and acoustic.

Full Range of OEM-Grade Glass Solutions

Over the years, glass has evolved to take care of diverse driver needs as India’s leading supplier of automotive glass solutions, AIS offers 360-degree coverage to top auto manufacturers across the worldwide. Dominating the Indian automotive market with a whopping 87% share, AIS owns a multi-plant company and offers its premium glass solutions on a global scale. We own 5 laminated plants, 4 tempered plants, and 4 glass assembly units across India. Our strong distribution network via 8 offices in prominent locations across India makes it possible for us to maintain a customer-centric approach at all times.

Our auto glass solutions feature the latest technological advancements to ensure driver focus and safety on the road. Be it the harsh rays of the sun, the inconvenience of fog or mist, or the woes of a heavy downpour, our advanced auto glass solutions can take care of them all.

As a sand-to-solutions company that believes in innovating products that cater to current automotive needs, AIS has partnered with the largest technology leader, AGC Inc., to supply technology-injected robust glass solutions to auto manufacturers worldwide. what’s more is that our supply chain process is easy, integrated, and has a 4-pronged approach involving glass selection, processing, products, and integration.

Have All Your Auto Glass Needs Been Satisfied under a Single Roof

With AIS, auto manufacturers can offer top-class quality windscreens, sidelites, backlites, and sunroofs for all-round customer satisfaction. Discover all the benefits awaiting you, which include –
  • Robust windscreens that are highly impact-resistant and offer optimal visibility on the road
  • Head-up displays for focused driving
  • Water-repellent and heat-reflective technologies
  • High-performance antennas that offer seamless connectivity without spoiling the lines of the vehicle
Find all that you need to enable optimal visibility, clearer communication, and greater safety and comfort with AIS’ automotive glass solutions.
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