New Ways to Bring Light into Your Home Using Glass

“The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.” Is it not marvellous that one of the first elements in creation was also light? – “let there be light.” Light dispels all darkness and shows the direction to take. Is it any surprise then that light directs architects in the path they should take towards successful residential building? However, incorporating abundant amounts of natural light is not an isolated theory, but very much supported by science.

Why You Must Light up Your World!

What would you call a room without natural light? Why a prison cell! A dark, dimly-lit room not only lacks aesthetic appeal but it exudes a dull and gloomy vibe. Natural light possesses a kind of power that artificial light only wishes it had. A room bathed in rich hues of natural sunlight instantly aids its occupants in being happier and more productive – well, that’s not an opinion, that’s science backed by research. A study conducted by Professor Alan Hedge of the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell found that those working under natural light reported a whopping 84% drop in eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches as compared to those working under artificial lighting conditions.

Being exposed to natural light increases your body’s ‘feel-good’ serotonin levels and can lift one’s spirits. It also reduces stress levels and improves your health significantly. Exposure to natural light is also the best way to receive a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. Moreover, natural light in your home also reduces the growth of mildew or mould, keeping your space hygienic. Hence, natural light is a must-have element of any home.

Let There be Light and Plenty of it with These Premium Glass Solutions

When one thinks of natural light, glass is a material that is bound to come to mind. However, with modern advancements, glass’ daylight management abilities have enhanced manifold. Use these glass solutions for meeting your daylighting needs.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass solution is a type of translucent glass that is produced by the process of sandblasting or acid etching. The rough or pitted surface on one side of the glass pane gives it a frosted or foggy appearance due to which light is scattered and diffused. This causes the glass to obscure the view while still allowing light to pass through it. Frosted glass, thus, offers the best of both worlds – optimal daylight management and privacy. Installing frosted glass windows in your home will provide you privacy from neighbouring homes or passer-by, while still allowing natural light inside. You can also use frosted glass in your bathroom as shower doors to brighten up your bathroom while still maintaining privacy.

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass comes with a metallic oxide coating. This metallic coating is applied to one side of the glass pane, giving it a mirror-like appearance. This reflective coating enhances the amount of heat that can be reflected by the glass. The glass can reflect the harmful UV rays and infrared rays of the sun, while still allowing natural light to enter. Furthermore, reflective glass can also prevent excessive solar glare. If you opt for reflective glass solutions, you will not only get brighter interiors, but also efficient thermal comfort.

Switchable Glass

Switchable glass or smart glass is a high-tech and innovative glass solution whose opacity levels can be easily adjusted with the flick of a button. Meaning, smart glass can become opaque or transparent, even translucent with the switch of a remote control. Switchable glass offers privacy on-demand but not at the expense of natural light. This type of glass is perfect for fenestrations, partitions, skylights, etc.

Invite More Light in These Effective Ways

Besides the usual fenestrations, you can bring in more natural light by using glass in the following new ways.


Skylights are often known as the ‘windows for the roof’ and they pour in waves of natural light without being blocked or shadowed by external objects. Available in a variety of shapes and styles, skylights can easily blend in with your interior décor.

Glass Walkways or Floorings

Installing glass walkways or floorings in your home can lead to optimum day-lighting. Glass walkways can allow light to pass through the floor. If you have a light-filled upper floor, you can install a glass floor to let the light into the room below. Adding glass floorings or walkways can not only make your home brighter, but they will allow you to make a unique style statement.

Glass Staircase

Conventionally, a staircase would make your home darker; however, this is not the case with a glass staircase, which only reflects light in different angles to give the space a brighter and larger appearance. To maximise daylighting further, you can have bifurcated glass staircase installed with glass balustrades.


If you place mirror glass on the neighbouring walls of windows, you can easily take the brightness of your space to the next level. This is because mirror glass is manufactured in a way that it reflects light exceptionally well to maximise the amount of natural light received by a space.

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