5 Reasons that Make Glass a Versatile Decor

Glass is a gorgeous and versatile material! Be it The Shard in London or a tiny apartment in Mumbai, this material awards grandeur wherever you place it. What’s more, with modern advancements in glass technology, this material’s use stretches beyond aesthetics. Glass today is tough, acoustic, insulated, energy-efficient, and whatnot. You can use it at so many places in your home or office to lend a sense of space and usher in heaps of natural light.

Are you wondering what makes glass such a versatile décor material? Keep reading to find out the various applications of Glass along with its functional benefits.


The durability, longevity, and toughness of Glass make it abundantly versatile so that you can walk on it by installing glass walkways at your home. Walking on Glass feels and looks great. They liven up your home and offer unobstructed views. If you thought that Glass was only suitable for doors, windows and partitions, think again! Glass walkways add oodles of contemporary charm to your home.

You can install these structures as highlighter strips on the higher floor of your house leading towards a staircase. Are you worried whether a glass walkway can handle all the weight walking across it? Yes, it can! Glass walkways easily withstand an unreal amount of weight, which makes them a perfect addition to your home décor.


Instead of a staircase made from traditional materials like concrete, wood or stone, leverage the versatility of wood by installing a grandiose glass staircase. Glass staircases are sturdy and long-lasting, and you can get them for standard as well as spiral stairwells. Toughened or laminated glass steps with matching transparent railing can add heaps of glamour and modernity to your home.

You can also choose to fashion glass staircases with LED strips, meaning, light them up with Led lights. These structures are aesthetically appealing but also extremely functional and customizable. So, if you don’t want transparent steps, go for a frosted glass staircase.


Standard doors and windows usher in natural light only from one direction. Therefore, these structures don’t truly shower your homes with daylight. Additionally, if your home is not east-facing, you will mostly receive limited natural light. Overcoming this challenge is now made easy with the help of glass skylights.

A skylight transmits light from the top and forms all or part of the roof space of any building. This structure offers exceptional natural light and provides an upscale styling to any room of your house. If you only want diffused light flow without any transparency, choose frosted glass skylights. These structures provide a great deal of customization and can be opened, closed or fixed depending on the needs of the dweller. Skylights are generally made using tempered, or laminated Glass and are five times stronger than standard glass panes.

Shower Cubicles

Glass solutions are trendy inside the bathrooms. Considering that this material can comfortably withstand heat and moisture, glass shower stalls are a great solution that restricts water from spreading to other areas of your bathroom. You can choose from a wide variety of glass types when erecting a shower cubicle – frosted glass cubicle lends translucency, back-painted or lacquered surfaces offer opacity with a dollop of colour, etc.

If you are looking to create a lavish bathroom, go for a glass shower cubicle. You can also get a tempered single-pane glass partition if your bathroom is small, instead of an entire enclosure. Remember, a glass cubicle barely requires maintenance and does not contract mildew (mould), which is a common problem with shower curtains.

Balcony Balustrades and Railings 

Balcony glass balustrades and railings sound unreal to many, but they are indeed a reality and soaring in popularity. Say beautiful vistas surround your balcony, but high opaque metallic railings obstruct half the view. Modern glass technology has come up with super-strong glass railings and balustrades that offer clear views from your balcony without comprising safety.    

These structures are often installed with metallic parts, bolts, and spider fittings that ensure they don’t give in to harsh environmental conditions. Generally, toughened Glass with single or double glazing helps erect this structure. Homeowners can go for both frameless or framed glass railings. Either way, they bring out the expanse and beauty of your balcony and make it more usable.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! The five slightly unconventional, but popular reasons why there is no material as versatile as Glass. Are you looking for a true-blue expert to help you with all your glass-related needs? If so, then your search ends at AIS Glass – India’s top glass manufacturer. We offer a host of glass solutions for your home, office or any other formal/ informal space.

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