Let Your Home Reflect You: uPVC Doors

Homes are sacred spaces, the sanctity of which is revealed through their aesthetics and functionality. How? The look and feel of a home must be such that living comfortably within its four walls for extended periods is easy. Any interior designer worth their salt knows the importance of doors in creating a space that reflects those who reside within its walls. After all, any design is an expression of self. And since doors are the very first elements that catch the eye, having bland doors brings down the aesthetic score of a space, regardless of how lavish or grand the interiors are. Modern homeowners have a plethora of options to exercise their freedom of expression, especially since the innovation of uPVC doors. Let is find out how.

The Growing Popularity of uPVC

uPVC, also known as, un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride is a form of plastic known for being hard and rigid. Nowadays, uPVC has become a popular fenestration material, thanks to its exceptional features. uPVC doors are known for their impressive durability and sturdy structure. They can withstand frequent usage over time. Moreover, uPVC doors are aesthetically pleasing and can add a touch of sophistication and style to any residential space; no holds barred!

Be it any kind of need, functional or aesthetic, rest assured that uPVC doors can deliver; they will help you create a haven that reflects your design sensibilities. Let us check out some of the unique benefits of uPVC doors.

Durability Unlike Any Other

Nobody wants to install doors that need frequent makeovers now and then, and worse, do not last for an extended period. So, are uPVC doors durable enough to pass modern homeowners’ longevity needs? Bingo! uPVC is a sturdy material, which is why uPVC doors can cope well with the most extreme of temperature alterations, external elements such as wind, dust, UV rays, termites, corrosion, chemicals, and more. They will remain as new as day for decades, requiring zero to minimal maintenance.

Overall Safety

Doors are as much the prime entryways for invited guests as they are for uninvited intruders and burglars. Hence, you cannot compromise on the safety factor. Thankfully, uPVC doors will not allow you to either! Made with galvanised steel reinforcements, equipped with anti-crowbar features, and available in multi-point locking variants, uPVC doors will make your haven a truly ‘safe’ one. And to enjoy the ultimate degree of safety, you can have a highly impact-resistant glass such as toughened glass installed.


uPVC is a non-toxic material that is entirely environment-friendly. It is 100% recyclable, BPA and phthalate-free. As they do not require any extra paint coating, uPVC doors are also lead-free. Furthermore, owing to their high durability quotient, uPVC doors do not need to be replaced often, which automatically means the amount of waste generated is reduced. Together, all these factors ensure that uPVC doors have a minimal long-term impact on the environment – reduced carbon footprint.

Excellent Insulation

uPVC doors offer superior insulation, both acoustic and thermal, especially when coupled with innovative glass solutions such as acoustic glass and heat-reflective glass, respectively. Often sealed with high-quality silicone sealants, uPVC doors do not allow sound or energy exchange to take place freely. You can enjoy peaceful and comfortable interiors all-round the year. 

Wide Range of Designs: Reflecting a Piece of You

uPVC doors can act as a mirror to your personality, especially since they are available in a variety of styles – you can opt for a uPVC casement or French glass door to exude the feel of grandeur for your already grand space, or you can opt for a uPVC sliding door to deal with the problem of space crunch. Plus, these doors come in a variety of colour options, so do not fret thinking that you might have to settle for the standard white! They can be made available in a variety of sizes to suit the dimensions of your space – be it entry door, kitchen door, bathroom door, patio-living room connecting door, etc.

So, play with different styles, colours, shapes, and sizes of the beloved uPVC door and zero in on a door that is highly personalised and reflects you the best.

So, are you ready to create a truly personalised space with uPVC doors? Do not opt for vanilla, traditional doors and add some oomph with advanced glass solutions! AIS Glass is India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer, and as such, we offer a variety of premium glass solutions for your varied needs – privacy, safety, acoustic and thermal comfort, and optimal daylight and glare management. Moreover, our glass solutions are available in eye-pleasing colours and textures for a unique aesthetic appeal. Avail of our 360-degree expert support, right from the stage of selection, up until product installation, even after-sales support.

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