Lacquered Glass for Innovative Interior Design

Though the profession of interior designing is only a 100 years old, history bears testimony to its existence even during the time of the ancient Egyptians who furnished their native mud homes with simple textiles, animal skins, painted urns, and graphic murals. Back in the days, architects doubled up as interior designers to complete their vision. The dawn of interior designing was to rigidly coordinate it with the architecture of buildings. Then, with the 17th CE, the task of interior designing was relegated to the homemaker soon to be taken over by a skilled upholsterer or craftsman in the early 19th CE. And interior designing as we know it today is a separate profession altogether where specialists help people to maximise the efficiency of their space with elements, textures, and colours that enhance their visual appeal.

Interior Designing: Décor that Enhances Life

Gone are those days when interior designing was considered to be a pompous expression for good tastes in decoration – choosing the right colours, patterns, and fabrics. Modern-day interior designing is all that and much more where form and function are taken as a whole – the one dependent on the other – to create meaningful and highly optimised personal and commercial spaces.

In case of personal spaces, the aim is to create interiors that tell the story of the residents without sacrificing on basic and individual functional requirements. Smart interior designing can mean the difference between a house and a home, an environment that is cold and lifeless and one that is comfortable and full of warmth and familiarity.

Breathe New Life into Your Interiors with Lacquered Glass

To create interiors that are a reflection of you and your loved ones without compromising on being progressive and timeless, choose lacquered glass as your one-stop-source. Lacquered glass is a type of modern-day glass innovation in which one of the glass surfaces is painted with high-quality lacquer followed by a process of oven-curing to lock in its unique features. The resulting glass is not only smooth, glossy, and coloured in appearance, but also opaque.

Lacquered glass is not only a treat to the eyes but is also highly functional – It is low-maintenance, UV, heat, and humidity-resistant, durable and long-lasting, and can be processed in a wide number of ways.

There’s a lacquered glass for every homeowner out there. To find out the one that suits your tastes, here are a few innovative ways to include lacquered glass in your interiors –

For the Heart of Your Home

When it comes to designing the most important space of your home – the kitchen where all the magic takes place, lacquered glass is your one-stop-source both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The fluid and glossy visual feel of glass when coupled with the vibrant colours of lacquer can be installed in kitchen crockery units, counter-tops, backsplash, and wall panelling to create the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you’re a minimalist, a traditionalist, a classicist, or a modernist; lacquered glass aesthetic solutions can be customised to your needs. Opt for warm, pastels and nude tones for a light, airy, and uncluttered look or alternate with a pop of bold shades of orange, yellow, and red to radiate an eclectic vibe. You can even choose a single colour palette for your kitchen cabinets while choosing royal metallic shades for your kitchen island and backsplash to create an ambience of grandeur and royalty. You can even have magnetic lacquered glass marker boards installed in your kitchen to jot down mom’s delectable traditional recipes.

Furthermore, since lacquered glass is scratch, humidity, and heat-resistant, and easy to clean, you have nothing to fear when it comes to installing it in a space that frequently experiences heat and moisture. Plus, allow the kids to make a mess while they help you in your baking projects!

For Your ‘Safe Space’

If there is any room in the house where the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign works without having to put it on the door, it’s the bathroom. It is a safe haven for many, where the stresses of the day can be washed off and a moment of solitude and contemplation can be experienced. In this sense, a bathroom becomes more than just another room. Your sacred space requires an ambience that sets the tone for peace. Accenting the bathroom design with scented candles, artwork, and pairing towels and toiletries goes a long way in achieving that aura but it is equally important to choose a colour theme that is relaxing. And what could be better than the vibrant world of lacquered glass! You can opt for darker shades of greens and earthy browns or pastels and nudes – both works equally well in creating a calming ambience. You can even get it installed in panels of different sizes and shapes (monotones or motley of colours) for a more fun look. And since lacquered glass is moisture-resistant, you need not worry about installing it in a space where humidity is the norm. Moreover, the smooth, glossy look of glass will bestow the right touch of modernism!

For the Space that Strengthens Bonds

With lacquered glass, the sky is the limit. For taking the oomph factor of your living rooms a notch up, lacquered glass is the ideal option. After all, it’s the space where guests are entertained and friends and family gather together to spend most of their at-home time and hence, is a highly important space in terms of decoration. You can have lacquered wall panels in dark and sleek shades in your living room and even have the television installed in it as lacquered glass can be drilled in. Just make sure to choose colours that are not too bold and do not divert your attention away from the television. Even table-tops can be installed with stunning shades of lacquered glass for a modernistic and chic visual appeal. Plus, since lacquered glass is durable and low-maintenance, there is no need to fear spill-overs during family movie nights. Lacquered glass wall panels can even be used to create a clear demarcation of the living space from the dining space in style. Among other intriguing installations, magnetic lacquered glass marker boards can also be installed to write down important reminders and allow kids to explore their inner-Picasso.

For Your Cosy Haven

According to Feng Shui, the room that is the most important in your home is the one in which you remain unconscious for a good part of the time – your bedroom. Well, for one sleep is vital and hence the space where you sleep must have an ambience that promotes healthy and deep sleep. Moreover, for most people, their bedrooms are the one space they get to call their own and where they can relax after their minds and bodies have been overworked from the chaos of everyday living. Well, adding extra cosy touches to your bedroom is all about accepting the Danish concept of hygge marked by candle lights, soothing textures, four-poster ultra-cosy beds, quilted throw pillows, and ofcourse a calm and neutral colour scheme. To keep the look warm, cosy, and progressive, lacquered glass panels can help you out. Choose calm pastel tones in combination with either of the extremes – whites and beige or black – and witness how your personal hygge culture unfolds right in front of your eyes. Moreover, you can even have lacquered glass floor-to-ceiling cupboards installed in your bedroom – The super glossy finish ad natural reflective property of glass will create a stunning effect that blends trend with elegance.

So you see, lacquered glass can breathe life into each and every one of your living spaces. To make the most of this 360-degree aesthetic glass solution, look no further than AIS Glass! Our AIS Décor can enhance your spaces with its smooth finish and 34 striking shades. Plus, it is high on functionality – AIS Décor is highly durable, long-lasting, heat, UV, and humidity-resistant, low-maintenance, 100% eco-friendly, and is available in a wide variety of processing options. So, without second thoughts, choose décor that enhances life with AIS Décor! Get in touch today.

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