How green buildings can help reduce electricity bills?

With the ever-changing environment around us, it’s important to be ecologically conscious and active. One way to contribute towards this is by building a green home. There is a vast difference in an emission-producing powerhouse and a greenhouse.
A greenhouse/building is far healthier to live in, provides improved indoor air quality, is more comfortable, yields high returns when it comes to energy savings, impacts positively on the environment, reduces the use of natural resources and definitely is cost-effective!
The concept
A green building/home, typically, is designed and constructed in a manner to enable resources to be used more efficiently. It is made with energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable materials.
One such material is glass! Usage of the right glass can reduce conservation of electricity in more ways than one.
AIS, India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer provides a range of energy-efficient glass products that serve the needs of new-age green buildings and help you reduce your electricity bills. Some of the products that they offer are:-
AIS Sunshield:
If building a green home is your goal, then using a sustainable material like AIS Sunshield is an apt choice. It reduces the impact of construction on the environment. Its advanced solar control technology effectively reduces glare and heat. This high-performance product offers you a host of unmatched benefits that improve the energy-efficiency of your homes and commercial spaces, reduces your electricity bills and helps you live green.
AIS Ecosense:
Ecosense from AIS offers countless benefits that will help you build a green home. This glass is custom made to reflect the sun’s UV rays, thereby keeping the interiors cool. It allows in as much day-light as possible, considerably reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, thereby reducing electricity bills. This glass is energy-efficient and at the same time also helps you increase the aesthetic value of your green structure.
 AIS Opal:
Insulation is the biggest factor that you need to consider while building a green home. As you know heating and cooling account for 50% of your home’s energy consumption.
In this hot weather, wouldn’t it be nice if your windows reflected back the sun’s heat automatically? And in the winters helped heat from escaping? This is possible with AIS Opal glass range. AIS Opal’s solar control properties improve insulation minimizing the possibility of air leaks contributing to lesser energy consumption. Its solar control characteristic also prevents heat from entering the building making it the best choice for your green home.
Apart from using the materials listed above, you should also consider the location of your home/office, size, equipment, rainwater harvesting systems and eco-friendly lighting.
These materials and aspects will definitely reduce your electricity bills and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

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