Gyms with Glass are Gyms with Class

The gym culture has well and truly taken the country by storm. In every nook and cranny, especially in urban areas, one is sure to find a prominent gym or smaller fitness establishments catering to young denizens of the area. And in order to be the standout gym in the area, you not only need to create a fully-equipped and inspiring space, but also a comfortable ambience. But what is it that makes a gym fab? Well, glass, of course!
While the use of glass, traditionally considered to be brittle, in a rough and tough environment such as a gym might seem counter-productive, technology in glass manufacturing and processing has actually devised glass solutions to solve the most irksome of interior design issues for gyms. If you are a gym owner reading this, then let us highlight a few issues that a gym might face in terms of its interior design and architecture:

  • The space seems crammed and congested
  • You are over-relying on artificial lighting to create the ‘right’ ambience
  • The interiors get unbearably hot during summers
  • You want a ‘classy’ aesthetic vibe for the interiors instead of just splashing paint on the walls

That being said, it’s all a matter of clever usage of a glass window or glass partitions with the right type of glass and turning gymnasium spaces into functional spaces. In doing so, you have to keep a few things in mind: optimizing light, maximizing space, harmonizing energy, and realizing aesthetics. Let’s take a look at each one by one.

Optimizing Light
Lighting plays a big role in setting the mood of your gym members. If there’s glare, the workout becomes irritating. If there’s no natural light at all, then the workout space feels uncomfortable and claustrophobic. This can be solved by applying AIS Tinted Heat-Absorbing Glass or AIS Swytchglas facades or windows in your gym. While the former creates a soothing environment by allowing only 47% incident solar energy to reach the interiors, the latter allows you to control the amount of light inside by changing the transparency of your façade from transparent to translucent or vice versa via remote control.
Maximizing Space
The best gyms always provide ample room for personal workouts, thus reducing any occurrence of injury due to accidental interference of members’ exercise routines. This can be made possible by thoughtful space-saving interior design, such as installing uPVC doors and windows with sliding mechanisms. You can also use AIS Mirror installations on your walls to create the illusion of space and install impact-resistant and injury-proof AIS Stronglas partitions which reflect more internal light and create safe individual workout spaces.
Harmonizing Energy
Reducing the load on air conditioning and artificial lighting in order create a more energy efficient gym space and reduce your electricity bills can be done via low-E glass facades made of the high performance AIS Ecosense. This glass reflects away majority of the incident heat, thus contributing to cooler and more comfortable interiors.
Realizing Aesthetics
Finally, you can enrich your gym interiors with AIS Décor coloured lacquered glass which comes in 10 striking shades. Not only do these glass panels add style and substance to your gym but also offer a high quality, long-lasting finish, moisture resistance and extremely easy maintenance.
Ready to add class with glass to your gym?

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