Glass Patios for Extended Balcony and Roof Panels: How it Adds Value to Your Residential Project

There’s quite nothing like ending the day with a cup of coffee on the patio or terrace in the presence of chirping birds and rustling leaves or the sound of pattering raindrops. And those low-key summer alfresco brunches that none can get enough of? Well, a patio is not just another space in a home but an extension of it where life is celebrated in its myriads of forms. No wonder there’s a festival unique to Cordoba called “Festival of the Cordoban Patios,” where forecourts are grandly decorated and adorned for public display.

Patios: A Whole New Way of Experiencing Home Life

Gone are those days when people considered patios to be of little significance if any. Modern-day architecture and interior designing are never really complete without a well-designed courtyard. After all, patios are more than mere ornamentation.

Your patio is the very first space that a visitor or guest is bound to notice before ever entering into your home. And to that end, it is a mouthpiece to your sense of hospitality and personal style. A patio that has just a few items strewn around or worse, one that is barren might give the impression that you do not really care about creating a welcoming environment, regardless of the look of your interiors.

Moreover, a well-designed and polished patio acts as an additional home space where you can unwind the stresses of the day without having to worry about rain or sun glare. It also makes for a fun recreation spot and dining area where you can share light-hearted alfresco meals with your friends and family. The bliss is even greater when your patio lies amid nature’s glory.

A patio can even be transformed into a little winter escape by bringing in a hot tub or installing outdoor heaters. Besides, a scrupulously-crafted patio will significantly increase the resale value of your property.

Glass Patios: Because You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Patios are sought-after, not just for their undeniable charm, beauty, and resale value but for their functionality – space for relaxation, recreation, and perfecting hobbies. More often than not, homeowners are found grieving the fact that their patios are being under-used owing to natural elements that limit their usage. To address such grievances, enclosed patios are gaining popularity.

And it is self-evident that the material widely used for building enclosed patios is glass. Not only does glass enhance the visual appeal of your patio to a whole different level, but it offers an unobstructed view of the glorious outdoors. And the fun does not stop come heat, snow, or rains. Moreover, enclosed glass patios take care of your need for privacy in light of the fact that invading one’s personal space becomes a lot more easier in case of outdoor personal spaces.

Furthermore, even kids and pets can be left alone to enjoy the outdoors without having to keep a constant eye on them. And let’s not forget the value a glass patio will render to your property – both functional and market value. You can pursue your passion for planting sun-loving plants even during the winter months and experience the freedom that comes from having an added security to your home. In a nutshell, a glass patio is your personal oasis and sanctuary where you can retreat from time to time for rejuvenation.

Go Alfresco in Style

Make the most of your open-air spaces to entertain high-profile friends and to enjoy intimate alfresco gatherings with these design ideas –

Freestanding or Detached Patio

Want to create an oasis of calm away from your home? Then, a freestanding or detached patio is the ideal choice for your need for solitude. Usually constructed next to the pool area, a detached patio offers you the ‘just right’ amount of privacy that you need away from the chaos of everyday living. It can even serve as a tranquil location for riding on your hobby horse and perfecting your God-given talents and skills – art and sculpture, music, scriptwriting, et al. By installing soundproof glass panes in your free-standing patio, you can create an atmosphere of absolute serenity and even practice precious moments of meditation and contemplation to revitalise yourself.

U-Shaped or L-Shaped Patio

Well, it isn’t uncommon to find occupants disputing over who gets to have the room that offers the best of the patio and its glory. For such dilemmas are designed the L-shaped or U-shaped patio designs that hug the outside of the homes and can be accessed from several different rooms. Not only do they make a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors, but they are even straightforward in design. By adding in a sleek sectional sofa strewn with vibrant accent pillows and cushions or a daybed repurposed as a chaise, and flowing curtains, not only is it possible to enjoy ample of privacy but these inviting displays are the best conversation starters that will help create intimacy and lasting memories.

Wraparound Patio

For those who wish to experience the sense of having the outdoors within in more than one angle of the home, nothing beats the wraparound porch design. Designed to either “wrap around” the entire property or two or more sides of the home, these patios not only serve as an outdoor living room of sorts but also as a centre for relaxing and entertaining guests. It even enhances the curb appeal of the home. And to enjoy the presence of lush greenery at all times of the day, you can install Low-E glass, which will provide you with natural light but keep unwanted glare, heat, and UV rays of the sun at bay. These patios can be designed to be angled or curved and can be built either at ground level or higher as per your desire.

Multi-Level Patio

If your idea of going from drab to fab is by bringing the best of all worlds in your patio design – a hot tub, a redwood pergola, an entertainment spot, a deck for planters, a fire pit, a sandbox and slide for the little ones, and a relaxing hammock, then tiered or split-level or multi-level patio is the way to go. For the main levels of the courtyard, you can have an elevated glass deck having the seating area, and surrounding this main spot, you can add in all the elements that you wish to personalise your inspiring space. Or, you can have an extended glass patio that allows you to entertain guests and a separate free-standing patio at some distance to serve your need for solitude from time to time. With multiple-level patios, the sky is the limit.

Entry Patio

Looking to make that lasting first impression on visitors and prospective buyers alike? Well, that thirsty front lawn is not going to do the trick. The ideal way to go about this would be a welcoming front entry patio that makes for an enchanting entrance. And what could be better than the delicate, fluid visual feel of glass in building your entry patio!

Moreover, by installing solar control glass solutions, you can enjoy relaxing afternoon naps in your patio without having to worry about sun glare or even sudden torrential showers. Moreover, you can even choose switchable or smart glass to enjoy privacy on-demand. Additionally, adding paving, a fountain, and planters will take your outdoor living space to a whole new level.

Ready to design the patio of your dreams? Well, so are we! As India’s leading glass manufacturer – AIS Glass has all your glass needs covered. Our extensive range of glass solutions will help you build patios that are durable, can withstand the elements, offer privacy, and will help you experience optimal daylight management. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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