Why Fire-Resistant Glass is Knocking Down Walls

Fire Resistant Glass
When it comes to construction and design, brick walls have traditionally been the go-to option. The high heat resistance of a brick wall was the most desired feature. It also came with certain disadvantages such as lack of transparency, obstruction of light and design flow, and certainly a lack of aesthetic appeal.
The one element of design and construction that is often stressed upon is the aesthetics. Beauty, after all, is priceless. The lesser contemplated but more important element that was typically ignored until now was ‘safety’. Designers and architects have now started to understand the importance of integrating these two key elements and finding a balance between them.
The introduction of fire resistant glass seems to have come up as the perfect solution to this problem.
The AIS Pyrobel, a high integrity fire resistant glass, and one of our premium offerings are now, quite literally, knocking down non-transparent wall/partition.
Not only is the AIS Pyrobel able to offer the same level of safety as a technologically sound glass wall, it also offers additional protection by way of thermal insulation, thereby curtailing the spread of fire.
The AIS Pyrobel is a tempered glass with fire resistant gel in between the glass sheets. This means that it is designed to offer excellent heat resistance and can withstand extreme thermal shocks. Unlike ordinary glass panes that blow up into shards when faced with fire within few min, the AIS Pyrobel will stand strong and contain the radiant heat from the fire.
This fire-resistance glass can be the perfect solution for the construction of server rooms, refuge areas/ floors, smoke screens, office partitions, doors and windows, glass roofs and overhead applications lift doors and enclosures, and internal staircase enclosure.
Not only does the AIS Pyrobel glass allow for great light-flow and transparency, but it also provides an aesthetic appeal that is not intrinsic to the traditional brick wall. Aside from adding interest to the ambience and creating a visual curiosity, it offers excellent safety against heat, fire and smoke for long durations and can prove to be quite versatile with the choice of frames. What’s more, it’s easy to install and complies with the highest standards of integrity and insulation, as the tempered glass its chances of breakage or damage. Lastly, offering dual side fire resistance, protect.
AIS Pyrobel also offers excellent noise insulation and can resist high loads of pressure. With a plethora of choices, and the assurance of quality from the leading fire glass manufacturers, it’s time to stay prepared and minimise the damage in case of unexpected fire breakouts with AIS Pyrobel.

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