5 Ways of Soundproofing a House That Actually Works

Beep! Beep! – The sounds that nobody likes to hear. However, for the city dwellers, traffic noise like these has become an everyday reality; and when you couple it with noise generated by foot traffic, industries, construction sites, banquet halls, and others, finding a moment of quiet in the city can be extremely difficult.

Moreover, what is a home without proper comfort? If the outside noise keeps infiltrating your home, it can hamper your quality of life immensely. Homeowners can suffer from a lack of audio privacy, ample sleep, quiet indoors, and many other harmful effects. Furthermore, excessive noise can be detrimental to aspects such as communication, privacy, and health. This is why soundproofing homes is so important today.

Harmful Effects of Prolonged Exposure to Noise

Consistent exposure to external noise can lead to deterioration of physical as well as psychological health. Research suggests that prolonged exposure to high decibel sounds results in ill-effects such as hypertension, hearing impairment, cardiovascular disorders, sleep disturbances, tinnitus, high blood pressure, and other behavioural disorders.

Especially among children, chronic noise exposure can reduce their cognitive development and slow down their ability to read, write, and learn. As a matter of fact, noisy environments can also impact communication ability and speech intelligibility among children. Besides, chronic noise exposure can badly affect the adults, causing increased stress, annoyance, weak cognitive functions, poor recalling ability and productivity, and declining work efficiency.

Benefits of Soundproofing

Soundproofing methods can be extremely beneficial in cancelling out the outside noise. As homeowners, with proper soundproofing applications, you can eliminate the constant influx of loud noises and alleviate the ambience. In effect, your living space will become quieter, relaxed, and more comfortable.

Moreover, you can effectively communicate with your family members, receive important calls, while those who work remotely can get quieter interiors as soundproofing solutions aid in enhancing the atmosphere by insulating the external noise.

Also, since old people, children, or pets tend to be sensitive to external noise, you should consider installing soundproofing solutions at home to block out loud sounds effectively. By using soundproofing applications, you can ensure that your family members get to experience a comfortable and quiet living space.

How to Soundproof a House

There is a myriad of soundproofing solutions available in the market. However, soundproof glass solutions are the most effective ones. Here are the five ways of soundproofing a house that works.


Mostly, sound and noise infiltration happens due to the presence of drafts or inept sound insulation ability in windows. By installing glass windows with proper noise-canceling properties, you can facilitate a serene and undisturbed atmosphere in your homes. For efficient soundproof glass windows, you can install AIS AcousticglasTM as it can reduce 90% of external noise.


The gaps at the bottom of doors are common passages for sound and noise infiltration. To diffuse noise, installing glass doors that come with a high-quality insulating frame can be helpful. You can use double-glazed doors to insulate your home against unwanted noise and foster quieter indoors.


For the best soundproof solution, coupling thick blinds with windows that have high insulating properties is a viable choice. As they can damp external sounds, especially mid to high-frequency sounds, blinds offer a good acoustic solution for homes. Also, from an aesthetic standpoint, blinds can add to the visual appeal of your home.


Hard surfaces such as walls, ceilings, or floors reflect sound waves that can add to the noise level inside your home. However, surfaces made of glass can absorb sounds, especially processed glass with high insulating properties, so they are good for soundproofing. By incorporating glass surfaces such as glass table-tops in your living space, you can reduce sound from bouncing off and lower the levels of indoor reflected noise.

Internal Partitions

Did you know that sound can travel through walls? To prevent this, homeowners can install glass partitions instead of regular drywalls to divide the internal space. Internal glass partitions can substantially reduce noise levels and offer enhanced indoor acoustics. Moreover, glass partitions do not develop drafts or gaps over the years, which makes them effective in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Neglecting the harmful effects of noise isn’t ideal; think – adverse impact on physical and mental health, sleep disturbances, lack of peace, and addition to stress levels. Therefore, serious considerations should be given to soundproofing solutions.

With a simple solution such as soundproof glass windows, you can reduce or eliminate noise and unwanted sounds effectively and promote quiet and calm indoors, making your home a comfortable haven.

For effective soundproofing solutions, choose India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer – AIS Glass. Our AIS Acousticglas in combination with air-tight door and window frames in UPVC, wood, and aluminium, will dampen external noise and enable you to enjoy peaceful interiors. We provide solutions right from the manufacturing of glass, processing, fabrication, to installation and post-installation, for a hassle-free service.

For effective soundproofing glass solutions, AIS Glass must be your top pick. Get in touch with us today!