Best Glass Types for Constructing an Energy-Efficient Building

The term eco-friendly has become a common occurrence nowadays because of the concerns surrounding the environment and the rapid decline caused by global warming. A lot of counter measures are being taken because of the same cause, and real estate developers have also taken up the mantle to protect the environment and make their buildings less intrusive and with a smaller global footprint. One way they can achieve this is through using glass for window panels that can be environment friendly and energy efficient. Using different types of glass also guarantees a stylish and unique architecture for buildings, which makes it another advantage for builders looking for green solutions. Here are a few types of glasses that can be used for the same.
Ecosense, manufactured by AIS, is a great solar control energy efficient glass solution which lets the building use the sunlight to brighten up the interiors while eliminating the factor of heat. It is basically a high performance glass with a low-E coating which limits the emissivity of light passing through the glass. Ecosense absorbs or reflects away majority of the infrared rays responsible for the heat.
This helps in controlling the temperature inside the building and also makes it more comfortable for the occupants, while simultaneously reducing any glare. It is also available in different shades and colours which help the building have an exclusive and distinctive look that increases the style quotient while reducing the impact on environment.
This type of glass not only keeps the heat factor away, but it also reduces the sharp glare of the sun at locations where they can become irritating. The SunShield is a essentially a heat reflecting glass which is equipped with advanced solar control technology.  The SunShield glass is layered with a superior protective coating that reflects back UV radiation. With different shades that are available for this glass, it also gives a variety of options for people to choose from. It is perfect for home and commercial applications.
The Opal solar control glass is another wonderful energy efficiency glass product from the house of AIS. This hard-coated glass has become a very popular choice when it comes to choosing a glass for window frames in under-construction buildings. Its thickness and durability can be compared to that of the modern windshield glass on vehicles as its cutting edge technology makes it long lasting. It also lets glass manufacturers make it in different shapes and sizes, which offers a range of customizations, suitable for any need.
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