AIS Cares

Employees Engagement Programs
AIS believes that caring for the world we live in is as much a delight as it is a duty. Every individual holds the power to give back to their world – office, community, or the environment at large. To encourage our family to have a meaningful impact on the world, we carry out an in-house initiative – AIS Cares – wherein various activities are undertaken on a monthly basis, from higher education for employees to food donation drives to tree plantations.

AIS is a family in its truest sense. We work together, and we celebrate life’s joys together – from New Year’s shindigs to celebrate life’s joys together – from New Year’s shindigs to Children’s Day blast, the AIS family comes together for them all.

To create experiences that matter and develop an engaging workplace.
To empower our people to solve social problems through collective efforts
To build a culture of conservation, encouraging our employees to take environmental actions at work & home

Ais Celebrations

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