AIS IR + UV Shield

A unique product for sidelites offered by AIS that yields unmatched levels of comfort inside a vehicle cabin. This glass has special additives that impart a Dark Green tint and prevent the sun’s heat from entering the car and also cuts UV radiations which can cause skin irritations, harmful diseases.

When it is used as a combination together with AIS IR Shield – windshield and AIS Solar Shield – backlite in a passenger car, it improves the effectiveness of the air conditioner by lesser heat inside the cabin. The temperature on the dashboard, gear knob, parcel tray and steering wheel reduces by as much as 8 to 9 degree Celsius and there is a reduction in cabin temperature by 2 degree Celsius, in soaking condition.

Features and Benefits

  • Ensures better thermal comfort inside the car cabin
  • Protects your skin from diseases by ensuring less permissibility of UV rays inside the car cabin
  • Enhances the life of car interior due to fewer UV rays inside the car cabin
  • Reduces the load on air-conditioning by enabling cooler interiors Improves fuel economy
  • Meets visual light transmission norms of >50% as per Central Motor Vehicle Regulations
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • The best alternative to car films for the Indian market
  • Better privacy leading to enhanced safety
  • Better aesthetics
Energy Sustainability to lower carbon footprints
360 – degree solutions to ensure passenger well-being

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