AIS World of Glass: The Perfect App for Selecting right glass solutions, Door & Window Glass for your space

When it comes to choosing the right glass for your residential or commercial space, careful planning and selection plays an important role. While best quality becomes the supreme determinant, different factors are taken into consideration depending upon where you want the glass to be installed. Providing stylish, aesthetic and strong glasses since long, we have been a leading glass solutions company. To let you choose quality glass at the ease of your fingertips, AIS World of Glass is the perfect app designed specifically to meet the needs of smart buildings with the latest technology.

Here are some of the best features offered by the app which makes Asahi India Glass Ltd. one of the best glass manufacturers in India:-
1. Glass Solutions: – The app presents detailed sections related to different types of glasses. There are five sections in total consisting of privacy, acoustic, safety, energy efficient and aesthetic solutions for you to choose from. These categorizations help ease the process of glass selection depending upon your requirement considerably.
2. Doors and Windows solutions: – The two substrates- uPVC and wooden – offer complete doors and window glass solutions. This ensures perfect blend of style and safety with superior amalgamation of form and function. All you need to do is install the app on your phone to have the customized doors and windows you always desired, in no time.
3. Specialized application: – Depending upon the type of application, AIS offers unique and advanced glass solutions. This means that you can choose a specific glass depending upon where you need to install them. For example- once you search for staircase glass, the variety of best class options will pop up for you to choose from. Same goes for canopies, sky lights, swimming pool and other places as well. These solutions are sure to add an aesthetic appeal to your interiors without compromising on quality.
4. Special experience zones: – Just imagine watching the glass switch from transparent to translucent at a single click right in front of you. Sounds interesting, right? Well, this is what the AIS World of Glass lets you do. You can have a first-hand experience in the privacy and security glass solutions option available in the experience zones to choose the best glass which suits your taste.
5. Connect with us: – The app also features a Connect with Us option where you can send in your requirements and get the best options available in no time depending upon your requirements.
6. Our Videos:
Explore our solution videos for better understanding of our product range through this section of the app.

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