AIS Launches Ecosense – EDGE

Creating a perfect amalgamation of energy efficient and day-lighting buildings and homes is quite challenging for architects and designers. If you happen to be an architect, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest products in the market. When you come across Ecosense, you are guaranteed to get a range of high-performance glass solutions. Glass such as Ecosense Enhance (solar control),  Ecosense Exceed (Solar control glass Low-E), Ecosense Essence (Low – E) and Ecosense Edge (solar control glass & thermal insulation – Low E) are some of the latest products available today from house of AIS.  Considering the climatic conditions of India, the new range of products offer many advantages and can be useful in creating an ‘abode’ that you have always desired. Cutting unnecessary cost on artificial lightening, building maintenance, and air conditioning can be easily reduced by using AIS solutions.


After taking a closer look at the glass product portfolio online, you will be convinced that providing customized solutions according to client’s requirements is possible. The Reflective glass and other types of glass offer consumers the best in class eco-friendly features. It could be used for structural glazing, windows, skylights and even facades for that matter. Edge series is available in three different shades such as Clear (Natura), Blue (Electra) and Green (Chroma). This new range of product guarantees to fulfil all your requirements.
If you are looking to create the perfect balance between indoors and outdoors, then Solar control glass is a must. With the weather in the country, people often find it hard to keep their indoors cooler. However, by using such kind of glass, you can keep your indoors brighter (natural light) as well as cooler. The glass is also useful when it comes to absorbing, radiating and reflecting a large amount of infrared heat. By installing such products in your homes, offices and other venues, you can create an aesthetic as well as economic sense. Those of you looking to install single or double glazed glass can also opt to purchase such glass at affordable rates.
You will learn that the ongoing shift towards the green revolution is offering a lot of opportunities for those who are looking for ‘superior energy solutions’. So if you are in the market and are completely unaware about such kind of technology, make sure you check our website. With such glass, you can create a comfortable and pleasant environment for your homes without the hassle. Upon use, you will find that the glass is very easy to install and maintain.
Those looking to replace the glass in their buildings and homes should certainly consider installing the modern range of glass by AIS. This attractive feature can reduce your electricity bills that can save a lot of energy in the long run. To learn more, make sure to call the company experts as they are very helpful and can clear any doubts you may have.
People who are looking to create an eco-friendly future for themselves should definitely consider opting solar control glass or reflective glass. So if you are looking for such eco-friendly and reliable solution, AIS glass is the way to go!

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