Acoustic Glass for Offices: A Sound Investment

Workplaces, be it a corporate building or a home-corner, are spaces where noise and distractions, though unavoidable, must be considered unacceptable. After all, external noise interrupting important client meetings to confidential information being leaked through the walls is not something any employer or employee looks forward to.

Moreover, high levels of noise on a consistent basis are proven to hamper worker productivity. Several studies conducted over the years show that there is a direct correlation between high decibels and low productivity levels. Employees tend to face concentration issues, increased headaches, low levels of creativity and productivity, and blurry vision as a result of noise. This is simply the noise generated within the workplace itself; the situation can be way worse for those offices that lie on a busy street or near a construction site.

As mentioned earlier, noise in its myriad of forms is unavoidable; so, is there no hope? Fret not! For peaceful and productivity-friendly office interiors, simply switch to new fenestrations – from standard glass windows, doors, and partitions to those installed with a unique kind of glass exclusively designed for noise insulation – acoustic glass.

What is Acoustic Glass?

Acoustic glass is uniquely manufactured by sandwiching two layers or sheets of standard annealed glass panels with a special interlayer of Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) in-between. This PVB interlayer acts as an acoustic layer that bonds the two glass panes together, making it a single unified glass unit. The PVB membrane absorbs external noise and prevents the sound vibrations from passing to the other side like ordinary glass. Simply put, the PVB layer weakens sound waves as they travel through the glass. 

The acoustic glass that you choose to install in your office can be of several types of thickness and glazing, based on the amount of soundproofing you need. You can opt for a thick acoustic glass to have a completely silent room; otherwise, you can opt for a relatively less thick acoustic glass pane. 

Make a ‘Sound’ Investment in Your Health and Well-Being

Besides providing noise insulation, which makes for a comfortable working environment, acoustic glass in offices also offers other advantages, as listed below. 

Enhanced Safety

Perhaps one of the critical benefits of acoustic glass is its superior safety profile. Laminated acoustic glass is sturdier, more durable, and a safer option when compared to standard annealed glass. Moreover, since acoustic glass contains an inner PVB layer, it does not break easily. In case of rare occasion of breakage, the glass pieces remain stuck to the PVB layer and don’t fall out, giving it a spider-web-like appearance; chances of injury are zero.

Better Security

Since acoustic glass is generally made using laminated safety glass, it is safe, both in terms of acoustic comfort and theft or burglary. Installing acoustic glass in the doors and windows of your office will ensure safety from intruders, thereby protecting workers, cash, and essential documents. 

Comfortable Interiors

Because of the double-glazed unit, acoustic glass also offers excellent insulation, especially thermal comfort. As a result, optimal interior temperature can be maintained throughout the year – the office will remain cool during summers and warm during winters. This will reduce dependency on artificial heating and cooling systems, which is one of the major concerns for many corporates, especially high-rise buildings.

All the benefits mentioned above make acoustic glass an attractive option even for home offices, especially if your home or office room is facing a busy street or you live in a joint family where noise is commonplace.

Use Cases for Acoustic Glass in Offices

Acoustic glass finds several applications in offices. Since modern corporate offices are generally built upon an open-floor concept, noise insulation glass solutions can help maintain continuity without enabling noise to cause distractions and hamper productivity. Firstly, they are excellent for cabin windows and doors, especially since doors and windows are the prime areas through which noise escapes. The same applies to windows and doors of conference rooms to eliminate disturbance and prevent confidential information from leaking out. However, acoustic glass can also be used in office partitions or walls to create a completely cellular space that seamlessly connects one space to the other without allowing noise to create disturbance.

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