Three wheelers

The era of private vehicle ownership is gradually but steadily declining. The world is joining hands to welcome the era of shared mobility. This means more usage of public transport, of which the three-wheeler segment is a major part. Huge numbers of three-wheeler vehicles flock the roads of India every single day, transporting people and goods at affordable rates. Given their popularity, ease of accessibility, and importance, the country is expected to see increasing volumes of three-wheelers on the roads in the upcoming years.

Need for Robust Glass Solutions for Three-Wheelers

Three-wheelers are heavy-duty vehicles, used widely throughout the country on a daily basis to transport people and goods. Of all its components, perhaps its front glass or windshield is the most important – not only does it offer clear visibility of the road ahead but also protects the driver and passengers from injuries due to heavy external impacts and even minor nuisances like falling tree branches, dust, and bird droppings.

Given the frequent usage of the vehicle, a component that offers it with much-needed structural integrity ought to be robust and heavy-duty

AIS Offers Premium Auto Glass Solutions for Three-Wheelers

To cater to the three-wheeler segment, AIS offers a wide range of front glass solutions that will ensure optimum levels of driver comfort and safety all year round. With a high 70% market share in the Indian auto glass market, AIS offers top-grade glass solutions for three-wheelers across India.

Our heavy-duty auto glass solutions for three-wheelers come with the following benefits –
  • Distortion-free on-road visibility
  • High impact-resistance for maximum driver safety
  • Water-repellent and heat-reflective functions available
For ultimate safety and comfort, invest in our three-wheeler auto glass solutions today!