AIS Glass Simulator

AIS Glass Simulator – Get the Right Glazing Solution at your fingertips.
AIS Glass Simulator lets you choose an ideal energy efficient glass solution for your architecture.

As sustainability becomes the key in our lives, architects, developers, consultants opting to design and build green buildings

AIS Glass Simulator helps in the creation of energy efficient spaces by scrutinizing various parameters to suggest the best energy efficient glass solution. This app analyses factors such as the location of the building, the geography of the location, the building shape and size, its orientation, wind-load, etc. to come up with the best glazing solutions for energy saving.

Thus, AIS Glass Simulator works as your personal glass consultant, all from the palm of your hand, and allows you to save time, effort, and money, while simultaneously being assured of the best glass solutions for your living or working space.

AIS Glass Simulator App

AIS World of Glass – Key Features:

Energy Simulator
The energy simulator takes into account factors like building type, orientation, type of glazing, glass shades and more to suggest to you the right glass product for your building. Based on calculations you can take an informed decision while selecting the right glazing solution.
Project Showcase You can take a look at all the projects that have been completed using AIS glass products. This option gives you a clearer picture of how AIS glass products will look on a building.
Product Catalogue
This section shows detailed information of all AIS Glass products and their corresponding performance parameters so that you can take informed decisions while choosing the desired products All glass products from AIS provide you with the right blend of daylight and energy-saving, visual comfort and thermal control, and technology and eco-sensitivity. With AIS Glass Simulator app, a sustainable and energy-efficient solution is at your fingertips – download the app now on your smartphones.The App is available on both Android and IOS app stores.
Download the app from Google play store & App Store

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