Reasons Why Everyone is Preferring Glass floor for Home

Glass floors or walkways are stunning additions to your interiors. Sleek and elegant, these magnificent floors complement ultra-modern housing needs perfectly, be it in terms of functionality, aesthetic, or.

However, the obvious concern remains – Is glass floor safe? Not only are these floors safe, they are finding an abundance of takers, thanks to how staggeringly gorgeous they make homes look.

Walk on Glass!          

Fret not! Glass floor is safe to walk on. Any fears about the brittleness of glass are completely misplaced. In fact, due to its strong built and the support structure that secures it in place, glass floors can easily handle a substantial amount of foot traffic. The strength of glass primarily depends on two factors – thickness of glass and the type of glass, which in turn depends on the load they will bear.

Nonetheless, to ensure optimum safety, glass floors are designed using a processed glass that is four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass and comes with an anti-slip surface, to ensure maximum security.

The most common type of glass used for glass flooring is the highly sturdy and durable tempered (or toughened glass). Tempered glass is tough and impact-resistant to lower the risk of impact-related damage.

However, on rare occasions, if tempered glass floor breaks, it does not shatter into sharp shards but breaks away into tiny, granular pieces to ensure maximum safety – risk of injury is minimised.

Undoubtedly, there is more to glass floor than meets the eye!

A Host of Benefits

Apart from its obvious visual appeal, glass floors also offer a variety of functional benefits. They combine versatile form and excellent functionality to provide you with true luxury.

And as Frank Lloyd Wright (a renowned American architect and interior designer) puts it – “Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” Indeed, glass floor is a perfect blend of both form and function.

Here are some the top benefits of using a glass floor in your residential space.

Visually Stunning

If you want to show your home off and add a dramatic flair to your spaces, install glass floors for walkaways and bridges between them. Many homeowners are finding creative uses for this spectacular product, installing them in different spaces to build a sense of connection and luxury throughout the house.  

Here’s what makes these floors exceptionally popular – their undeniable strength. Because glass floors are often made of laminated tempered glass panels, they are robust and can support just as much weight and footfall as floors made of other materials.

Brighter Indoors

Glass is an excellent reflector of light, which is why it is most suited to enhance the indoor lighting conditions. By installing glass floors, you can easily transform your space so that it appears to be more spacious, brighter, and airy. Your space layout will seem expansive as glass floor floods in natural light to facilitate optimal day-lighting, giving it a sense of enlargement while providing a smooth, glossy finish – and in interior décor, that spells perfection!

Easy to Maintain

Now, when it comes to interior upkeep, floors are the hardest to maintain, but this is not the case with glass floors. Glass walkways are resistant to dust, stain, mould, and mildew, to ensure that you spend your weekends relaxing and not cleaning!

Moreover, glass floors can easily handle every day wear-and-tear, thanks to their scratchproof and highly durable built. This is why they hardly require heavy maintenance.  

Variety of Design Options

Be it contemporary mystique, industrial opulence, or mid-century style elegance, glass floors are compatible with all décor styles. Choose from a wide range of glass, from opaque to frosted and clear, to create a stylish, brighter, and cheerful ambience indoors.

Above all, a glass floor offers you versatile design choices. You can combine glass panels with other flooring elements like tile, wood, and even concrete to create a personalised floor design. From tinting to sandblasting, glass floors offer you an extensive range of designs.

Over to You

As evident, glass floors are attractive alternatives to conventional flooring, with assured aesthetic and functional advantages. There is a type of glass floor for all your needs, be it privacy, day-lighting, or style, you name it!

So ditch conventional flooring if you have a taste for magnificence. Instead, use clean, low-maintenance, and polished glass floors to turn your home into a visual masterpiece.

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