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Laminated Glass

Laminated Windshields


Laminated glass is used mainly for windshields. This type of glass consists of a layer of plastic (PVB) is sandwiched between two sheets of float glass. This layer of plastic, when used in the glass manufacturing process, bonds the glass together, so that if it breaks on impact, the shards remain stuck together instead of shattering. That’s why laminated glass is used in places where the possibility of injury during accidents is high, like the front windscreen. High-end automobiles also use it for side and rear windshield glass.

Lamisafe-LT from AIS, the leading glass manufacturer in India, is used in the front windscreen of the car. The strength of laminated glass allows it to perform two very important functions in cars: keeping passengers inside the vehicle safe and laminated glass used in windshields also provide strength to a car's roof.

To ensure that each piece that reaches you is safe, glitch-free and exquisitely formed; we put our glass through stringent quality checks post glass production.