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Laminated Glass

Value-Added Laminated Glass

Various types of value added laminated glass available are:

AIS Valuglas

A distortion-free, heat strengthened laminated glass, Valuglas from AIS gives you superior strength and unmatched value-for-money. With a 1.14 mm PVB interlayer for greater stability, it is a highly secure laminated unit that combines pleasing aesthetics with enduring strength.


  • Long-lasting, heat strengthened glass with greater stability
  • Highly secure laminated unit that eliminates the need for grills and shutters
  • Reduces external noise for better acoustic performance
  • Unbeatable quality at an unmatched value


  • Doors and windows
  • Roof lights and canopies
  • Stairways, glass lift-walls
  • Skylights, domes and overhead glazing

AIS Securityplus

Reinforced by a layer of Dupont Sentry Glass™, the AIS SecurityPlus is up to 5 times stronger than conventional laminating materials. The interlayer of Dupont Sentry Glass™ increases tolerance to greater loads while enabling the design of aesthetically pleasing, complex elements with minimal structural support.


  • Dupont Sentry Glass™ interlayer for added strength that eliminates the need for grills
  • Requires minimal structural support
  • Retains clarity, even after years of use
  • Superior noise reduction for better acoustics


  • Railings, facades and canopies
  • Walkways, glass flooring, stairways
  • Hurricane-resistant windows, doors, etc.
  • Explosion-resistant windows, doors and facades

AIS Disegno

Brilliant reflections, a unique icy appearance and elegant accents characterise this very special range of decorative glass that adds a new dimension to the aesthetics of your home. Essentially a laminated glass, AIS Disegno enhances mood and creates atmosphere, transforming your living space into a work of art.


  • Highly durable laminated glass
  • Transparent veneer with a distinctive crackled appearance
  • Ideal for ornamental and decorative use


  • Table tops
  • Decorations
  • Glass tiles
  • Room separators
  • Curios/ Collectibles (vases, bowls, pitchers, figurines, paperweights, etc.)