Use of Glass Partitions for Maintaining Social Distancing

 “This virus may never go away.”

  • Dr Michael Ryan (Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme)

In the event of rising COVID-19 cases in India, social distancing is all set to become the new norm. Masks, sanitizers, PP&E kits, gloves, etc. will continue to help us fight against the coronavirus. But their impact is limited to the user’s discretion – one bad apple can initiate community spread.

Ever since the government announced ‘unlock 1,’ people have become careless, as if there was no disease. This has opened doors for many citizens to leave their safety-zones, raising the risk factor to a whole new level.   

As a result, strict measures are under-way; something that will compel people to observe social distancing by default. This involves the use of one-way glass partitions. Let us find out how.

Glass Partitions: The Utility Factor

A one-way glass partition is nothing but a pane that can be used to divide a space into several mini-rooms. Examples of glass partitions can be seen in all kinds of spaces – cubicle showers, glass-enclosed office cabins, modern retail outlets, one-way glass facades, OPD rooms, etc.

Apart from their matchless aesthetics, glass partitions offer a host of functional benefits. Their ergonomics nominate them as the best-fit for social distancing, which is a need in view of the current crisis. They separate people enough to reduce risk of infection and connect them enough to prevent complete isolation.

To begin with, one-way glass partitions cut off all possible chances of physical encounters – the major reason for COVID-19 proliferation. As glass is transparent, people enjoy stress-free interaction that facilitates a sense of belongingness in them. They get relieved of the obligation to wear unappealing masks, further improving their quality of communication.

Moreover, given the nature of glass and owing to strategic placements, one-way glass partitions will usher in heaps of natural light, making a space appear brighter and larger than it really is. This will reduce the need for artificial lighting, bringing down energy bills. It’s even better when you’re installing the partitions adjacent to a window or a façade – allowing ample sunlight to pass through them. The importance of natural light cannot be over-stressed, and it is also non-negotiable when the pandemic is making optimal exposure to the sun a challenge.

Besides curbing direct transmission of the virus, glass partitions can also prevent indirect transmission – since they are easy to clean, disinfecting and sanitising them is not a hassle. Vapour particles stuck on a glass surface wither out within no time post-sanitisation.

“But what if my room requires privacy?” Such thoughts have plagued many and yet, the answer is still the same – one-way glass partitions. By simply choosing a privacy glass solution for the partition such as frosted glass or smart glass, needs for privacy can also be fulfilled.

Using Glass Partitions for Social Distancing: Various Use Cases

Based on the type of space, there are numerous scenarios where one-way glass partitions can be set up. For residential areas, let us consider the example of a home-quarantined COVID patient – They can get a four-walled partition installed at a vacant area of their home, ensuring that the family stays protected from the virus’ impact.

Similarly, though reopening the economy is vital, so is ensuring the safety of all workers. In light of this fact, one-way glass partitions are being used to maintain proper social distancing while at work. Retail infrastructures such as shops, stores, banks, and service-related government offices can implement social distancing through glass-enclosed counters. Most retail outlets, especially private ones, do not have such enclosures. But given the pandemic crisis, even they are on the verge of introducing glass partitions in check-out counters and reception desks.

In general, glass partitions have been widely used in offices; however, the onset of COVID-19 has given them a whole new meaning. One-way glass partitions have transformed into a pragmatic tool for social distancing while at the same time maintaining some connection. They are being used to separate work stations. For instance – Flipkart-owned Myntra has used glass partitions in between each seat in its work station as well as the cafeteria. However, such a setup will gradually lead to the introduction of modular furniture. This ensures the safety of all employees.

Finally, glass partitions are proving to be equally beneficial even for restaurants and eateries. To continue business under the new guidelines for the pandemic, restaurants and eateries are converting dining tables into all-glass cabins. Moreover, some restaurants have introduced a plexiglass partition on each table, between customers facing each other. Suggestions are being made for similar usage of one-way glass partitions in movie theatres; however, how far will this be successful is an idea still under speculation.

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