Incorporate privacy in your space with privacy glass solutions

Glass is synonymous to both residential and commercial fitments. Among the many advantages that glass promises is the promise of privacy. We’ve all dreamt of living in a futuristic home with optimal privacy and customised glass solutions. With the onset of the smart era, it was only a matter of time until our homes and workspace followed suit.

 The Invention of Privacy Glass

With the idea to incorporate smart features into everyday spaces, the smart glass was created. Also known as privacy glass, the introduction of smart glass took the world of interiors by storm and designers embraced this revolutionary product in all areas from commercial shops, restaurants, houses to office spaces.

Privacy glass can be used endlessly in different settings. But before we take a look at some of the smart ways to use smart glass, let’s understand the ground-breaking technology behind it.

How Does Privacy Glass Work?

The privacy glass is based on the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals (PDLC) technology wherein the glass turns from transparent to translucent instantaneously at the flick of a switch. When the polymer-dispersed crystals are connected to a power outlet, the liquid crystals line up and make the glass clear. When the power current is turned off, the crystals get scattered randomly are turn translucent again.

Now that you’ve understood the broad concept of privacy glass, let’s go through some of the ways we can incorporate it in different settings.


Installing privacy glass for shower cubicles is a great way of avoiding hazardous shower curtains. People especially living on the ground floor may benefit from privacy glass windows as well. It obscures the vision while simultaneously allowing natural light to pour in. Restaurateurs can install privacy glass bathroom cubicles to create an iconic yet functional space. It also helps to utilise maximum space and gives a cramped space the illusion of a bigger washroom.

Glass Panels

While glass doors seem like an elegant choice for conference rooms, they can easily turn into a distraction. When redecorating your office, choose privacy glass divider walls instead of regular glass panels to block out the excessive noise from the bullpen. It also gives you and your clients the privacy you need and leaves a lasting impression. Swanky club owners can use privacy glass partitions to cordon off VIP sections for whereas restaurants can incorporate privacy glass to hold intimate events for high-end clientele without shutting down the restaurant to the general public.

Medical Facilities

A hospital needs to be extremely hygienic especially in the examination and surgery rooms where the patient is most vulnerable to infections. Smart glass is a sanitary alternative to mouldy curtains which could be a breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. It offers medical practitioners the privacy they need without compromising on the health of the patients.

Roofing Solutions

Switchable privacy glass can control the privacy as well as the amount of light that passed through it. If you’ve ever pictured yourself lying in your bed and gazing at the starry sky with your partner, install a skylight to transform your dreams into reality. Several interior designers are installing smart glass roofs in hotel suites for an ethereal experience.

Cabins and Doors

When planning to renovate your old cabin, privacy glass doors can pose a great advantage. Closed cabin doors give employees the feeling that their boss is unapproachable. Smart glass cabins can give you privacy when you need it and also make you seem friendly. If you hate being cooped up indoors, opt for privacy glass front doors to feel connected with the outside world.

Glass Facades

Towering glass buildings with privacy glass have taken the world by storm. Not only do they look classy, but they are also highly energy-efficient. They allow for sunlight to enter the space, reduce the need for artificial lighting and save money on energy bills. The natural light also enhances productivity among the employees while simultaneously blocking out the harmful UV rays. 


When privacy glass is in its translucent state, it serves as a high-definition projection screen. You can turn that glass facade into a large media display screen. Restaurant and shop owners can advertise their products on their front door itself by turning it into a display screen. The privacy glass walls in the conference rooms can be used to demonstrate a larger-than-life presentation and impress potential clients.


Since smart glass is capable of blocking light to a certain extent, installing privacy glass windows in restaurants can help create the perfect ambience. Incorporating privacy glass windows in homes and offices can help block out the street noise and create a peaceful, noise-free environment.

At AIS- India’s leading integrated glass solutions company, we have created the AIS Swytchglas. Made from extra clear glass, it gets activated in less than 10 microseconds and lasts for a minimum of 20,000 cycles and is capable of working in temperatures from -10 to 50 degree-Celsius. You can turn off for complete privacy and turn on for visibility. Get in touch with AIS and avail our wide range of premium glass solutions for maximum satisfaction.

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