Impact of High-Performance Glass on Commercial Buildings

Notwithstanding that glass has long been a well-loved building component, its use has skyrocketed in the 21st century owing to innovative glass technologies. Today, glass’ popularity can be traced back not just to its delicate fluid visual appeal but mainly for the fact that it does more than beautify the exteriors. Even the two main downsides of glass – lack of energy-efficiency and privacy – have been dealt with ever since the emergence of high-performance glass products.

Given below are some high-performance glass and the host of benefits they offer –

Energy-Efficient Glass

This glass allows most heat to escape than any other building material. For this reason, it is crucial for the glass used in the buildings to be energy-efficient. Energy-efficient glass is one of the most commonly used high-performance glass. 

It can be described as a glass that comes with double or triple glazing. Energy-efficient glazing involves low-emissivity coated glass to prevent heat from escaping through the windows. Low-E glass is exceptional at trapping heat inside and can dramatically reduce heat transfer. This is done by reflecting heat into the interiors.

Some key benefits of energy-efficient glass include –

Improved Thermal Insulation

The air gap between the panes of glass in a sealed unit provides an extra layer of insulation to the interiors of your establishment. Installing low-E glass or energy-efficient glass in your office or any commercial establishment can keep the interiors warm during the winters by trapping the heat inside. On the other hand, during the hot summer season, the low-E glass can keep the interiors cool by reflecting the sun’s heat to the exteriors. Therefore, their installation can help maintain an ideal temperature while making the interiors an energy-efficient zone.

Reduction of Utility Bills

Due to the installation of energy-efficient glass, the interiors of your establishment such as office, retail shop, etc will always have an ideal temperature. This will lower the need for artificial heating during winters and cooling systems in the summers, thereby helping you reduce not only energy bills but also your carbon footprint.

Acoustic Insulation

Sealed double and triple glazing energy-efficient windows can also reduce medium to high-frequency noise, thereby creating a peaceful environment inside your establishment. This becomes quite crucial, especially in offices, hospitals, hotels, etc. where peace and a stress-free mind are vital to productivity, recovery, and comfort.

Reduced Condensation

Windows and doors with energy-efficient high-performance glass can help reduce the risk of condensation. Condensation occurs when a cold surface and moist air meet. The moisture that is formed due to condensation can potentially damage the window frame. If it is particularly bad or continues to happen over an extended period, it can even affect other areas of your establishment, causing mould and mildew.


As energy-efficient glass has two or more panes instead of one, this type of high-performance glass when used in windows or doors offers a more secure barrier against any type of unwanted entry than a single glazed glass.

Smart or Switchable Glass

Windows and glass partition walls are some of the most important features of any commercial buildings. Through the use of the right kind of windows and partition walls, you can add elegance, allow natural light and, create the illusion of a larger space. One of the most popular glass choices for partition walls or windows in commercial establishments is smart glass or switchable glass. It is a type of highperformance glass whose light transmission properties go through a change whenever voltage, light, or heat is applied. This glass can easily change its properties from transparent to translucent, or opaque and vice versa. Smart glass is extremely multifunctional as it allows for the control of different forms of light including UV, visible light, and infrared light (IR). You can have privacy on demand simply by pressing a button.

Smart glass offers several benefits such as –

Protection from UV Rays

Smart glass can block ultraviolet (UV) rays. This not only becomes beneficial for protecting your skin, but it also prevents the furniture or fabric near your windows from fading.


Privacy is at the heart of smart glass. The smart glass allows you to have privacy by just being able to switch from transparent to opaque. Due to its amazing privacy credentials, smart glass can be used in all kinds of privacy applications, such as office partitions for a meeting room or conference room, and partitions in restaurants or spas. It can also be used in the medical sector instead of traditional drapes or blinds. It is much more lucrative as it allows medical practitioners to make the glass opaque during a patient’s examination and maintain transparency during regular monitoring.

Optimal Power Conservation

Smart glass can help in making the interiors of your establishment more energy-efficient. The smart glass allows more natural light into the interiors, eliminating heating requirements during winter. Similarly, during the summer, smart glass helps in reducing solar glare and heat, thereby lowering air-conditioning bills.

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